Meet people, do stuff.

We have loads of societies and subcommittees affiliated to the Students' Association. They run all kinds of events, covering almost anything you can think of. Whether you're interested in dancing, dog walking, or debating we've got something for you. If you don't see what you're looking for, why not start your own society?

Click on a society to find out more, join their mailing list, or buy membership. There's no limit to the number of societies you can join, and all membership fees go directly towards supporting the society and its activities. Click here to see your currently active memberships.

All affiliated societies are supported by our Societies Committee.

All societies

  • Academic and Education

  • Anthropology

    Encountering anthropology outside of the classroom.

  • Archaeology

    The Student Archaeology Society is a group for anyone and everyone who is passionate about archaeology!

  • Art History

    We combine art, context and theory to present events and projects unique to the Society of Art History.

  • Astronomical

    If you love to learn about space, or just stare at the stars in awe, we're the society for you!

  • Bacchae (Classics)

    Salve! Got a growing interest in Classics, Classical Studies, Classical Archaeology or Ancient History? We’re the society for you!

  • Biology

    We run events for everyone interested in biology including pub quizzes, lectures, films and socials!

  • Blockchain
  • British Medical Association

    The British Medical Association Society of St Andrews is your official local university branch of the trade union and professional association for medical students and doctors throughout the UK.

  • Bute Medical

    Established in 1915, the Bute Medical Society is one of St Andrews' oldest, largest and most active student societies.

  • Chemistry

    We welcome undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff to a variety of fun and exciting events throughout the year.

  • Chinese Studies

    St Andrews Society for Chinese Studies

  • Computing (STACS)

    We exist to provide a social group and support network for people interested in computers.

  • Consulting

    The University of St Andrews Consulting Society is a student-led organisation dedicated to educating and inspiring its members about management, strategy and technology consulting.

  • Economics

    The economics society is a one stop shop for all your economics needs and wants. From career talks to speakers events, we have something for you. So come join one of St Andrews' best societies!

  • Engineering and Aerospace

    Workshops, competitions, industry talks, and more for students of all backgrounds looking to get into engineering or aerospace.

  • Foreign Affairs

    The Foreign Affairs Society is the official association for the school of International Relations!

  • Geography

    Fun social and academic events that provide you with opportunities to meet other geographers.

  • Geological

    The perfect society for meeting students from other year groups within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, whether that be environmental scientists or geologists!

  • History

    The oldest and largest arts academic society. Our events give a voice to History students and allow them to engage with the world of academia.

  • Investment

    The largest student-run investment fund in St Andrews.

  • Law

    A platform for all students to discover more about US and UK law, directly from international commercial firms and top US law schools.

  • Mackenzie General Practice

    Aiming to promote the importance of General Practice within the medical community.

  • Management

    The Management Society

  • Marine

    Connecting as many students as possible, from all backgrounds, with the oceans that surround us.

  • Mathematical (SUMS)

    SUMS is the best way for you to indulge in a little bit of maths and make some friends along the way.

  • MAZE

    MAZE Magazine - The Official Psychology and Neuroscience Magazine of the University of St Andrews

  • Neuroscience

    Furthering interest in neuroscience, both academic and casually. We welcome members from all backgrounds, with any level of Neural knowledge.

  • oikos
  • Oncology
  • Optica

    We are a society open to anyone interested in the field of optics and photonics.

  • Philosophy

    The Philosophy Society hosts weekly talks from leading academic philosophers, as well as discussion groups and social events throughout the year.

  • Physics

    Promoting the understanding and enjoyment of physics.

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology and Neuroscience

    Bringing together, entertaining, and supporting all those interested in Psychology and Neuroscience.

  • St Mary's College

    A community of Divinity School students, staff, and friends gathered for fellowship with like-minded scholars.

  • Surgical

    Offering students surgical workshops, talks, and our yearly National Conference.

  • Women in Business
  • Women in Computer Science

    Supporting and encouraging women in technology.

  • Activities

  • Charities Campaign

    Our primary aim is to raise as much money as we possibly can for our three student nominated charities.

  • Debating

    Welcome to the University of St Andrews Union Debating Society: the oldest – and some might say the finest – of its kind, founded in 1794.

  • Ents Crew

    Make events happen.

  • Mermaids

    Are you into theatre, comedy, musicals or any other performing arts? Want to show off your talents either on the stage or in the wings, or just see some fantastic shows? Welcome to Mermaids!

  • Music Fund

    Music Fund is dedicated to fostering the music scene in St Andrews, whether it be through organising gigs, providing funding for aspiring musicians, or working with other societies. Come jam with us!

  • On The Rocks

    On The Rocks Festival is an entirely student-run arts festival incorporating art, photography, theatre, music, and comedy. This year the OTR Festival will be held 13th-20th March in the Byre Theatre.

  • Societies Committee

    We support the many and diverse societies of the Students' Association. The committee consists of 9 members who manage the administration for over 100 societies throughout the academic year!

  • STAR: St Andrews Radio

    STAR is the one and only student radio station in St Andrews. We broadcast online with live shows running from morning to midnight.

  • Activity and Recreation

  • Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

    Competitive and Social Ballroom and Latin Dance

  • Bee

    Welcome to the St Andrews Bee Society! We are a group of students dedicated to promoting beekeeping, bee conservation and the appreciation of all things bee!

  • Birding

    Birding Society is a student-led initiative encouraging the appreciation and study of local bird species.

  • Book Club

    Book club is a welcoming and diverse society for anyone with an interest in reading.

  • Breakaway (Hill Walking)

    Enjoy hiking? Come explore Scotland with us!

  • Chess

    Welcome to the Chess Society!

  • Competitive Programming St Andrews (CPSTA)

    Strengthen your algorithmic and problem-solving skills through Competitive Programming.

  • Dog Walking

    Weekly group dog walks and cuddling sessions with local dogs! Everyone welcome:)

  • Esports
  • Knitting

    For knitters and crocheters, newbies and experienced crafters!

  • Love

    The Love Society is a space for the unabashed discussion, experience, and spreading of love as an otherwise taboo topic. We recognize any experience of love is important because it is your own.

  • Motorsports
  • Poker

    Looking for your a highly strategic, immensely high-pressure hobby? Come try your hand at poker and see if you can rise to the occasion.

  • Pool and Cue Sports

    The go-to society for pool and cue sports.

  • Robotics


  • Shire of Caer Caledon

    Medieval re-enactment society: home of fighting, feasts, and fun.

  • Swing Dance

    An inclusive community for swing dancers of all levels, with weekly classes, practice sessions, and socials.

  • Yoga

    Community yoga program for St Andrews students, running weekly yoga and meditation classes, plus workshops and events.

  • Arts, Media and Music

  • A Cappella

    The a cappella scene in St Andrews is massive! We represent six amazing groups that you can be a part of. We provide support to these groups in performances across town and even across the country.

  • Art

    Since the university does not offer courses in fine arts, the Art Society aims to bridge that gap.

  • Comedy

    We are dedicated to promoting and nourishing all comedic talent in St Andrews.

  • Film

    We get together weekly to watch films and socialise. Join us at a screening or pub night!

  • Filmmakers

    We provide opportunities for students to learn new skills and refine their techniques in the art of filmmaking.

  • Folk and Traditional Music

    Dedicated to playing and promoting folk and traditional music in and around St Andrews.

  • Gilbert and Sullivan

    Do you love the performing arts? Imagine the halfway point between musical theatre and opera and you've got the idea!

  • Inklight (Creative Writing)

    We are Inklight, the Creative Writing Society! We welcome poets, prose writers, scriptwriters, and anything in between. Come along to meet an amazing community of student writers!

  • JazzWorks

    Jazz and jams.

  • Madrigal Group

    Auditioned student-led choir that sings unaccompanied repertoire ranging from 16th century to contemporary choral works.

  • Music

    One of the University’s oldest and largest societies, providing six student-run ensembles, regular concerts and social events.

  • Musical Theatre

    MusT (formerly Just So) is St Andrews' musical theatre society!

  • Photography

    Photography for all, no matter your ability.

  • Pipe

    Everything bagpipes - from piobaireachd to pipe band

  • Rock and Metal

    Welcome to the RockSoc family! It’s great to have you here :) \M/

  • Stanza
  • Charitable

  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognised human rights to be respected and protected for everyone.

  • Blood Donation

    We publicise and facilitate on-campus blood donation drives in collaboration with the NHS.

  • Effective Altruism

    A group focused on using evidence and reason to do the most good possible.

  • Enactus

    Enactus is an international entrepreneurial club in which teams design and implement social enterprises to help specified beneficiaries. The St. Andrews branch currently operates 4 social enterprises.

  • Friends of MSF

    Supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF/Doctors Without Borders), who provide medical aid where it's needed most.

  • Guide Dog

    Charitable society working closely with the local Fife branch of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

  • Marrow

    Raising awareness and funds for Anthony Nolan, a charity which aims to match people around the country to those who require bone marrow transplants.

  • One for the World

    Our mission is to eradicate extreme poverty, by asking students to give 1% of their post-graduation income to charity.

  • Refugee Action

    Our society began as a response to the plight of refugees and migrants in the UK and across Europe.

  • Sexpression

    Empowering young people across St Andrews to make decisions regarding sexual health and relationships

  • Solidaritee St Andrews
  • St Candrews

    St Candrews is a student led organisation dedicated to tackling food poverty in Fife. Fighting food poverty. For Students. For the Local Community. For the UK.

  • Students for Global Health

    Tackling local and global health inequalities through education, advocacy, and community social action.

  • Teddy Bear Hospital

    Volunteer society promoting health education to primary kids.


    Fundraising for Unicef and raising awareness about the causes and efforts that Unicef supports internationally.

  • Women for Women International

    Supporting and fundraising for Women for Women International through social and collaborative events.

  • Cultural

  • Afro-Caribbean

    We share African and Caribbean cultures with our community through social, academic, and charitable events.

  • Celtic

    One of the University's oldest societies, promoting Scottish Culture through Scottish Country Dance and Scottish Gaelic Language Classes.

  • Chinese Hongpao

    Integrating Chinese Culture into a delightful student life in St. Andrews. Providing culinary experiences, leisurely events, and sporting activities for all.

  • Chinese Students and Scholars

    Connect the world's largest population base to the rest of the world.

  • Czech and Slovak

    We aim to connect people and organise fun events to promote our culture.

  • Filipino

    Connecting Filipinos and sharing the culture with anyone interested.

  • French

    Our aim is to promote and share with you the language, arts, literature, theatre, cuisine, and culture of France with regular events throughout the year.

  • German

    Stammtische, Christmas Markets, World Cup Matches, Oktoberfest, Beer & more!

  • Greek and Cypriot

    Fancy ouzo, Greek dancing, and having a good time, then this society is the perfect fit for you. We bring the Greek culture and life to you like Greeks do best!

  • Hispanic

    Celebrating Hispanic culture and sharing our love of the Spanish language.

  • Hong Kong

    Connecting the St Andrews community with Hong Kong's culture and history.

  • Indian
  • Irish

    Promoting the culture of both Ireland and Northern Ireland, and helping to connect Irish students.

  • Italian

    Promoting Italian culture, language, and food.

  • Japan

    Looking to learn more about or re-experience Japanese culture, but don't know where to start? Then you're at the right place!

  • Korean

    Representing K-pop, food, and language of Korea.

  • Malaysian

    We deliver the Malaysian experience to our members by doing our best to showcase Malaysian hospitality within St Andrews

  • Middle Eastern & North African

    The University of St Andrews MENA Society is here to celebrate and share the culture and history of the Middle East and North African Region!

  • New Global Normal

    A movement led by passionate, international students! We host language and intercultural exchanges, and events aimed at fostering intercultural connection! Our mission is to unite a divided world.

  • Northern

    Connecting students from the North of England and promoting the region's culture.

  • Polish

    Promoting Polish culture and bringing together those interested in Poland.

  • Russian

    Dedicated to promoting and celebrating Russian and Post-Soviet language, culture, history, music, and cuisine in Fife.

  • Singapore

    Congregation of people with even the slightest bit of Singaporean in their blood.

  • South African

    We host cultural, social and political events for anyone interested in South Africa!

  • Spanish

    Promote Spanish tradition academically and socially with the purpose of bringing the Spanish culture closer to the students of St Andrews.

  • Swiss

    The University of St Andrews Swiss Society welcomes Swiss nationals, people who lived in Switzerland and everyone else interested in exploring Swiss culture!

  • Thai

    Sharing Thai Culture, Food and Language with all of those who are interested!

  • Ukranian

    Uniting Ukrainian students of St Andrews and those interested in the Ukrainian culture, history, and language.

  • Welsh (Cymraeg)

    Connecting people who are Welsh, Welsh adjacent, or even Welsh curious in St Andrews // Dod a’r Cymry, Cymru adjacent, neu hyd yn oed Cymru curious ynghŷd yn St Andrews

  • Faith

  • Catholic

    We are open to all students in the university interested in learning about Catholicism!

  • Christian Union

    We exist to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Muslim/Islamic (STAMSA)

    STAMSA meets regularly for prayer and social events, and is committed to charitable fundraising throughout the academic year.

  • Sikh
  • Fan and Geek

  • Dice

    At DICE we do everything tabletop - roleplaying games, card games, board games and wargames. We provide a safe and welcoming space to play as well as having a large collection of games to try out!

  • Doctor Who

    We are a friendly group of who-fans who meet weekly for some Doctor Who-related shenanigans. We host biweekly episode viewings, plus games, PowerPoint and craft sessions, and even the occasional trip!

  • Gaming

    Smash Bros., Fighting Games, Mario Kart and more!

  • Pokemon

    We are a society dedicated to fostering a friendly, inclusive community for all Pokemon fans to come together for a variety of events, from socials to tournaments, and make new friends.

  • Project Anime

    We are a society based around the enjoyment of anime and related media.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy

    The result of limitless enthusiasm and appreciation of all things not quite of this world, this society brings students together to share their interests and passions, enjoy!

  • Food and Drink

  • Cheese
  • Fine Food and Dining

    We love food and want everyone to experience the best cuisine St Andrews has to offer.

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free St Andrews is a student society to foster a community of gluten-free students to share delicious food, recipes, support, and experiences.

  • VegSoc

    Welcome to the Vegan & Vegetarian Society!

  • Not categorised

  • The 93% Club

    Serious about social mobility. Dedicated to upskilling, connecting and empowering the state school students of St Andrews.

  • Political and Campaigning

  • Conservative and Unionist Association

    St Andrews University Conservative Association (STAUCA) is the social and political home of conservatism in St Andrews.

  • Democrats Overseas

    We help American citizens vote from abroad, host social and speaker events, and raise awareness of political issues.

  • Feminist

    Promoting feminist causes in St Andrews, nationally, and internationally.

  • ForEDU
  • Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services

    Inclusive platform for formal discussions on political and social affairs in Hong Kong

  • Labour

    We strive to encourage and share our Labour values throughout our university; to create a fairer and just campus; to participate in, campaign for and shape the Scottish and National Labour Parties.

  • Model United Nations

    Debating and simulation society for any student to discuss topics from Brexit to Star Wars.

  • Political Institute of Action Research

    Student-run Think Tank focused on Research, Charity and Careers. Aiming to take action and facilitate change. Selected Member of Scotland's Future Series.

  • Scottish Independence

    Promoting the case for an independent Scotland.

  • Students For Life

    Affirming and celebrating the dignity of life from fertilisation to natural end through our three pillars of education, service and community.

  • United Nations Association

    Promoting civil society engagement and activism in our community with the work of the UN, through journalism, podcasts, events and parliamentary lobbying.

  • Representation

  • Accommodation

    We exist to help all students in private flats or halls of residence with any problems they might encounter during their time in St Andrews.

  • Alumni

    We connect our global alumni to St Andrews, and current students with alumni.

  • BAME Students' Network

    We exist to provide a strong community, adequate resources, and effective support to the BAME students at the University.

  • Carers, Commuters, Mature, and Flexible Learners

    We are responsible for representing student carers, commuters, mature and flexible learners.

  • Community Relations

    We are the primary point of contact at the Students' Association for local residents.

  • Disabled Students' Network

    The Disabled Students’ Network is dedicated to representing disabled students and promote an understanding of disability and building a supportive community for disabled students.

  • Education Committee

    Educom is here to represent student opinion on education issues. We are responsible for coordinating student representation within the University education structure.

  • Environment

    The Environment Subcommittee exists to help students live more sustainably, engage with environmental projects, and to represent all students' views on sustainability issues within the University.

  • Equality

    Our mission is to achieve the highest standards of equality so as to provide for a more open, safe, and accessible environment.

  • Saints LGBT+

    We are dedicated to providing an open and safe environment for members of the LGBT+ community in St Andrews. Our subcommittee is inclusive of everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

  • Wellbeing

    We focus our efforts around mental health, sexual health, personal safety, and alcohol consumption, as well as Raisin Weekend, May Dip, and other University traditions.

  • Student Community

  • Populus

    We aim to reduce loneliness you might encounter at University through events, matchups, and connections. Join us in making university feel like home!