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Star Ball
1st April
The Scores Hotel
Star Ball is an annual charity event held between PhySoc and AstroSoc to unite students under a love of the night sky with proceeds going to IOP for Africa. The theme is Time Travel, so appropriate but formal attire is recommended.
7th April
Sitara* 2017, a show like no other, brings to you: This is My 'Rang' ('Rang': ??? /raNG/ 1. colour or hue).
Charities Bungee Jump - 8th April
8th April
The University of St Andrews Charities Campain bungee jump. Come and fling yourself into the air for charity!
12th April
A night for sports teams to work on their team spirit and get competitive on the dance floor! 12th April, 10:30pm kick off!

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Graduation Ball and Summer Ball

The University of St Andrews Students' Association coordially invites you to the 2017 Graduation and Summer Ball! On the 24th of June 2017at Lower College Lawn

Meet Your Sabbaticals

As joint leaders of the Students' Association, your sabbs play a critical role in shaping the student experience here in St Andrews.