Hold an event or meeting.
Book a space

Meeting and rehearsal rooms

  • Affiliated societies can book meeting and rehearsal rooms for up to 6 hours per week, or longer with approval from Reception sarooms@ or DoSDA@.
  • Additional hours will incur a charge.
  • It's a good idea to block-book at the start of the semester.
  • Request your society's booking using Resource Booker, or if you're booking for yourself, email SARooms@.
    • Bookings are provisional until you receive a confirmation email.

Venues and commercial spaces

Commercial spaces are venues like The StAge, Club 601, the Union bars and any booking involving bars or catering.

  • Book at least 2 weeks in advance, or 3 weeks if you have technical requirements such as lighting, sound, projections, DJs, etc.
  • If you have technical requirements, you must discuss your needs with Ents Crew at least 2 weeks before the event. Drop in to a Users' Meeting on any term-time Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Meeting Room, on the middle floor of the Union.
  • Make sure to include set-up and tidy up time in your booking.
  • Request your booking using Resource Booker. Bookings are provisional until you receive a confirmation email.
    • If you have questions, can't see any spaces in Resource Booker, or aren't affiliated with the Union, email SARooms@.

University spaces

  • University spaces can be booked from 6pm-9:30pm Monday-Friday. To do so, send a completed booking form and terms and conditions to reservations@.
    • If you'd like to request a booking starting before 6pm, email timetabling@ instead (unless your event is in Parliament Hall — in that case, email reservations@ as usual).
    • Note that weekend bookings incur an out-of-hours charge at a rate of £22.55 per hour, with a four hour minimum.
  • For large-scale events, or events with requirements beyond a room booking (e.g. barbecues, outdoor events, prestigious events, or events where tickets are being sold to the public), contact the University Events Manager at UniEvents@.

More information about Union bookings

  • Leave the space as you found it: chairs and tables back in their original place, and no litter.
  • For extra furniture, please ask a porter before moving things from other rooms.
  • Remember to turn off any audiovisual equipment before you leave, and don't take any equipment from the room.
  • Alcohol, hot food, and hot drinks can be purchased from Main Bar and Rector's Café — please don't bring your own into the building.
  • Leave fire doors clear, and don't wedge open any doors.
  • Any decorations must be fireproofed, and Ents Crew must be informed in advance.
  • Naked flames, including candles, must not be used inside the building.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the evacuation procedure and building rules.

Note that we operate a Zero Tolerance Policy to harassment and bullying.

A minimum £5 fee will be charged to groups who do not leave a space as they found it, or do not show up for a booking without informing the Union in advance.

Planning an event

Make sure you've read this whole page, so you know how to handle bars, catering, security, decorations, and technical needs.

Here's some other things to think about:

  • When picking a space, make sure it's got the right atmosphere, as well as the facilities and capacity you need.
  • If you need extra funding for your event, you can apply for a society grant. Email the Societies Officer at socs@ for more information.
  • If your event needs tickets, wristbands, or box office staff, we can help. Read about ticket and wristband printing or email SADesign@ for more information.
  • Remember to advertise your event!

If hiring a venue with a bar, you have the option of keeping the bar open or closed.

If you opt to keep the bar closed, attendees can still purchase drinks from other bars in the building to bring to your event (excluding Beacon Bar).

We can offer wine or soft drinks on a sale-or-return basis. This avoids the need for a minimum spend, as the bar can remain shut.

You must not bring alcohol purchased elsewhere into the building.

If you have any questions about bars, contact our Bar Manager at SAbar@.

Minimum bar spend

  • If you choose to have the bar open, there will be a minimum spend of £75 per hour or part hour. If less than this is spent by attendees, you will need to cover the difference.
  • Wine and soft drinks are included in the minimum spend.

There is an additional £50 fee if you require the bar in Beacon or Sandys to be open.

Bar cancellation

If you cancel your event with less than 48 hours' notice, or fail to turn up to your booked event, you may incur a fee. The Bar Manager will email the event organiser to confirm the sum of this fee.

Failure to pay this fee may result in you or your group being unable to book venues in future.


Different venues in the Union have different AV equipment available.

  • Main Bar has three wired microphones, one aux, and XLR/RCA DJ inputs as standard.
  • Sandy’s Bar has three wired microphones, one aux, RCA DJ inputs, and a projector screen with VGA input as standard. You can borrow a HDMI to VGA adapter from Reception. There is also some simple lighting for the stage area.
  • Beacon Bar has one wireless microphone and one aux as standard.

If you need any of the above, mention it on your booking request, then ask bar staff or reception to turn the system on when you arrive.

Meeting Rooms and Rehearsal Rooms have various facilities available depending which room you book. You don’t need to tell us in advance if you’re using any of the standard equipment in those rooms.

If you need any extra tech, or any tech at all in The StAge or Club 601, please:

  • Submit your room booking request at least 3 weeks before your event.
  • Describe your requirements in as much detail as possible in your booking request.
  • Attend an Ents Users Meeting at least 2 weeks before your event — but the earlier, the better. Drop into a Users’ Meeting on any term-time Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Meeting Room, on the middle floor of the Union.

Depending on your requirements, we may assign a technician to your event, or loan you equipment to use yourself. You must attend the Ents Users meeting to check we can provide what you need – requesting tech on your booking doesn’t guarantee it’s available.

Send technical questions to ents@.


We can cater for small meetings to larger buffets, and sit-down served meals. We offer a range of hot and cold refreshments, including:

  • Hot breakfast rolls
  • Pastries
  • Snacks
  • Buffets
  • Soup and sandwich
  • ... and much more

To book catering, contact our Catering Manager at SAcatering@. Please include the following information:

  • Event name, date, location, and organiser
  • Contact details of a person at the event
  • Time catering is required
  • Type of catering
  • Allergies and dietary requirements
  • Which person, department, or society the invoice should be addressed to

Please get in touch at least 2 weeks before your event to discuss requirements. We require catering to be booked 7 working days in advance. Requests with less than 7 days' notice will only be permitted at the Catering Manager's discretion.

Examples of catering prices (per person):

  • Tea and coffee: £1.80
  • Cheese, biscuits, and grapes: £3.00
  • Mini tray bake selection: £1.00
  • Lunch with selection of sandwiches, crisps, fruit, mini tray bake, tea and coffee: £7.50

Note that prices may change depending on market prices. All necessary utensils are included.

Additional costs

On occasion, we may need to charge for equipment hire, such as tables, chairs, or table covers.

We can loan a hot water urn with 25 cups for £15.50.

Catering cancellation

  • Cancel 7 working days in advance: no charge
  • Cancel 3-6 working days in advance: 50% of the cost will be charged
  • Cancel less than 48 hours in advance: 100% of the cost will be charged
  • Weekend cancellation: as well as emailing SAcatering@, please also call 01334 462700 or 462729.
  • Cancellation due to poor weather: charge will be at the discretion of the Catering Manager

Note that hot food must not be brought into the building unless provided by us.


Some types of event, including club nights and live music, will require security staff if held in StAge and Club 601.

Contact our Building Manager, Phil, at prh@ if you have any questions.

Minimum security costs

  • £200 for 3.5 hours, half venue (StAge or Club 601) – 3 staff
  • £400 for 3.5 hours, full venue (StAge and Club 601) – 6 staff

The number of security staff required will depend on the expected number of attendees, and the event risk assessment. A live music event on the stage might require a pit barrier, which will be charged at cost.

Note that we do not make money from security charges, we simply pass on the cost. We are required by law to have security present at certain events.