Academic and personal help.

St Andrews has always had a community of students who live outside of St Andrews during their studies, including Leuchars, Dundee, wider Fife and beyond. We know that this has grown to over 1000 commuter students in recent years with students commuting because of family or caring responsibilities, accommodation shortage, financial difficulties, pressures from the cost of living crisis, and many other reasons. 

Whatever your situation, Your Union will do our best to support you and include you in the St Andrews community, and that starts here-- keeping you updated with all of the resources available to you, and hearing from you about your commuter experience and how we and the University can best support you.

See also: the University’s Commuter Students webpage.


If you want to receive a monthly Commuter Student email from your Sabbs with events, opportunities and updates that may be relevant for you, as well as occasional communications from the University for commuter students, you can sign up to be added to the Commuter Student mailing list

Your voice

We have worked with the University to put together a Commuter Students Feedback Form, which will remain open indefinitely for you to fill out at any time, whenever you have something to share about the commuter experience and the support you need. Survey submissions will be regularly monitored by members of both Union and University staff and used to inform the work we are doing to improve the commuter experience.

The voices of commuter students are represented through several of your elected student officers on the SRC, and you can also get in touch with them directly with your input: