Climate Strike on West Sands

Our SRC subcommittees represent the diverse student community in St Andrews. Subcommittees are large societies, funded directly by the Union, that all students are automatically members of.

For activity subcommittees, see Activities subcommittees. Head to the societies list to see all subcommittees and societies.

  • Accommodation

    We exist to help all students in private flats or halls of residence with any problems they might encounter during their time in St Andrews.

  • Alumni

    We connect our global alumni to St Andrews, and current students with alumni.

  • BAME Students' Network

    We exist to provide a strong community, adequate resources, and effective support to the BAME students at the University.

  • Carers, Commuters, Mature, and Flexible Learners

    We are responsible for representing student carers, commuters, mature and flexible learners.

  • Community Relations

    We are the primary point of contact at the Students' Association for local residents.

  • Disabled Students' Network

    The Disabled Students’ Network is dedicated to representing disabled students and promote an understanding of disability and building a supportive community for disabled students.

  • Education Committee

    Educom is here to represent student opinion on education issues. We are responsible for coordinating student representation within the University education structure.

  • Environment

    The Environment Subcommittee exists to help students live more sustainably, engage with environmental projects, and to represent all students' views on sustainability issues within the University.

  • Equality

    Our mission is to achieve the highest standards of equality so as to provide for a more open, safe, and accessible environment.

  • Saints LGBT+

    We are dedicated to providing an open and safe environment for members of the LGBT+ community in St Andrews. Our subcommittee is inclusive of everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

  • Wellbeing

    We focus our efforts around mental health, sexual health, personal safety, and alcohol consumption, as well as Raisin Weekend, May Dip, and other University traditions.