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Building and Equipment Fault
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Risk Assessments

Any health and safety concerns should be reported to your line manager, or our HR Manager, Iain Cupples (inc@).

Leave application
EAP Scheme (only available to permanent staff)
Casual staff pay dates
Pay date, 2023 Dates covered (inclusive)

30th January

5th December to 8th January

27th February

9th January to 5th February

30th March

6th February to 5th March

27th April

6th March to 9th April

30th May

10th April to 7th May

29th June

8th May to 4th June

28th July

5th June to 9th July

30th August

10th July to 6th August

28th September

7th August to 3rd September

30th October

4th September to 8th October

29th November

9th October to 5th November

28th December

6th November to 3rd December

Permanent staff

We employ several staff to assist the sabbs, SRC, and Councils with achieving the Association's goals.

Most staff work alongside the sabbs on the middle floor of the Union.

  • General Manager Dave Whitton, cf5@.
  • Deputy General Manager & Management Accountant Jillian Cowan, UnionFinance@, is in charge of the Cash Office, including budgets and appraisal.
  • Deputy General Manager (Operations) Chris Clarke, chris.clarke@. has overall responsibility for the commercial and general building operations. His focus is on seeking operational improvements, risk mitigation measures and supporting the management team.
  • Building Manager Phil Hulse, prh@.
  • Human Resources Iain Cupples, UnionHR@, keeps the organisation up to date with employment duties.
  • Education Advocate Iain Cupples, HelpHub@, advocates for students facing academic issues with the University.
  • Administrator, Clerk to Board, and PA to General Manager Christine Miller, cf5@.
  • Bar Manager Susan "Pee" McCulloch, SAbar@.
  • Catering Manager Sam Robertson, SAcatering@, manages a team of staff across two cafés and our Main Bar Diner, aswell as our inhouse catering operations for functions and events.
  • Design & Marketing Manager Rachel Hughes, SAdesign@, leads the Design and Marketing Department helping to promote the Union's many services, events and spaces.
  • Reception Chris McCue, union@.