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Permanent Staff Members


Senior Management Team


David Whitton - General Manager

Chris Clarke - Deputy General Manager / Operations Manager

Jillian Cowan - Deputy General Manager / Management Accountant

Iain Cupples - Human Resources Manager / Education Advocate



Building Operations Team



Phil Hulse – Building Manager

Robert Dibb – Facilities Supervisor

Amanda Barnes – Porter

Alan Peebles - Porter

Angus Smart - Porter

Christopher Gordon – Customer Safety Supervisor

Scott Wilson-Walker – Customer Safety Supervisor



Catering Team



Samantha Robertson – Catering Manager

Kevin O'Neil – Head Chef

Lesley Millar – Kitchen Supervisor

Nicole Petrie – Catering Supervisor

Charlene Dick – Catering Supervisor

Anton McAleese – Team Leader

Jade Lumsden – Team Leader

Nancy Bryson - Team Leader

Adam Ellahi – Catering Assistant

Donna Scott – Catering Assistant

Eliane Boyer – Catering Assistant



Bars Team



Susan (Pee) McCulloch – Bars Manager

Scott Cull – Assistant Bars Manager



Accounts Team



Joyce Ferguson – Senior Accounts Assistant

Lynn Duff – Cash Office Assistant

Tanya Barnes – Cash Office Assistant



Reception Team



Christine Miller - PA to GM, Administrator / Clerk to Students' Association Board

Baiba Uldrike - Receptionist

Hayley Lennie - Receptionist

Lisa Reid – Receptionist



Student Voice Team



Chase Greenfield - Academic Representation Co-ordinator

Holly McDonald - Wellbeing and Equality Co-ordinator



Design and Marketing Team



Rachel Hughes – Design and Marketing Manager

Erin Chalmers - Design and Media Assistant

Rebecca Littlewood – Graphic Designer

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Building and Equipment Fault
Incidents and Complaints

Any health and safety concerns should be reported to your line manager, or our HR Manager, Iain Cupples (inc@).

Leave application
Wisdom - (only available to permanent staff)
Casual staff pay dates
Pay date, 2024 Dates covered (inclusive)
30th January 4th December to 7th January
28th February 8th January to 4th February
28th March 5th February to 10th March
29th April 11th March to 7th April
30th May 8th April to 5th May
27th June 6th May to 9th June
30th July 10th June to 7th July
29th August 8th July to 4th August
27th September 5th August to 8th September
30th October 9th September to 6th October
28th November 7th October to 3rd November
30th December 4th November to 1st December