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Risk Assessments

Any health and safety concerns should be reported to your line manager, or our HR Manager, Iain Cupples ([email protected]).

Leave application
EAP Scheme (only available to permanent staff)
Casual staff pay dates (2022)
Pay date Dates covered (inclusive)
28th Jan 6th December to 9th January
25th Feb 10th January to 6th February
30th Mar 7th February to 6th March
28th Apr 7th March to 10th April
30th May 11th April to 8th May
29th Jun 9th May to 5th June
28th Jul 6th June to 10th July
30th Aug 11th July to 7th August
29th Sep 8th August to 11th September
28th Oct 12th September to 9th October
29th Nov 10th October to 6th November
29th Dec 7th November to 4th December

Permanent staff

We employ several staff to assist the sabbs, SRC, and SAF with achieving the Association's goals.

Most staff work alongside the sabbs on the middle floor of the Union.

General Manager

Dave Whitton

[email protected]

In charge of all permanent staff, Dave is charged with ensuring the smooth running of the day to day operations within the building and helping to facilitate strategic developments within the Association.

Deputy General Manager / Management Accountant 

Jillian Cowan

[email protected]

Jillian is in charge of the Cash Office, including budgets and appraisal.

Deputy General Manager (Operations)

Chris Clarke

[email protected]

Chris is in charge of operations.

Building Manager

Phil Hulse

[email protected]

Phil has specific responsibilities for porters and security staff.

Human Resources and Education Advocate

Iain Cupples

[email protected]

In HR, Iain keeps the organisation up to date with employment duties. In his other role, he advocates for students facing academic issues with the University.

Administrator, Clerk to Board, and PA to General Manager

Christine Miller

[email protected]

Christine's main role is PA to the General Manager, along with being the Association's main administrator, and Clerk to the Association Board.

Bar Manager

Susan McCulloch

[email protected]

Talk to Susan (Pee) for all things drink related.

Catering Manager

Sam Robertson

[email protected]

Sam deals with all things food, so if you have a question drop her an email.

Design and Marketing Manager

Rachel Hughes

[email protected]

Rachel manages the various design and marketing needs for the Association, from promoting weekly events to getting new companies to visit the Union. She also helps with speciality printing.

Design and Marketing Assistant

Connall Morrison

[email protected]

Connall works with the Design and Marketing Manager to promote what the Union offers to students, staff, and external bodies.


Chris McCue

[email protected]

Chris works the front line in reception, and is likely to be the first face you'll see when you walk into the building. Chris can help with finding your way around the building, room bookings, and general enquiries.