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This is a list of student-held positions in the Association. Positions are elected, except for those marked with an asterisk (*) which are interviewed.

For role descriptions, see election candidates.


The Sabbatical Officers are elected, full-time positions, held by students taking a year out from studying to work for the Students' Association. All other positions are held by volunteer students.


Position Name Contact
Association President Lottie Doherty president@
Athletic Union President Jess Smith AUpres@
Director of Education Leonie Malin DoEd@
Director of Events and Services Bella Zeff DoES@
Director of Student Development and Activities Avery Kitchens DoSDA@
Director of Wellbeing Anna-Ruth Cockerham DoWell@

SRC (Students' Representative Council)

Position Name Contact
Accommodation Officer AK Schott SRCaccommodation@
Alumni Officer Jack Campbell SAalumni@
Arts and Divinity Faculty President Lucia Guercio ArtDivFP@
Association Chair Alasdair Richmond SAchair@
BAME Officer Ananya Jain BAMEnetwork@
Community Relations Officer Rosanna Johnston ComRels@
Disability Officer Jane Yarnell DisabledStuNet@
Employability Officer Rhea Meher Soni unionemployability@
Environment Officer Bhavya Palugudi eande@
Gender Equality Officer Caitlin Ridgway cr264@
LGBT+ Officer Michael Logue SaintsLGBT@
Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer Sandra Mitchell lifers@
Postgraduate Academic Officer Caroline McWilliams PGconven@
Postgraduate Activities Officer (PG Society) Zaine Mansuralli PGpres@
Postgraduate Development Officer Abd Alsattar Ardati PGdevo@
*Rector's Assessor (non-voting) Stella Maris rector@
Science and Medicine Faculty President Sarah Johnston SciMedFP@
Secretary to the SRC Capri Mancini cim8@
Student Health Officer Emma Craig wellbeing@
Widening Access and Participation Officer Sophie Craig sc367@

SAF (Student Activities Forum)

Position Name Contact
*Arts Festival Convenor (OTR) (non-voting) Natalie Christopher & Britton Struthers OnTheRocks@
Broadcasting Officer (STAR) Julia Swerdlow
Charities Officer Amy Feakes CharitiesConv@
Debates Officer (UDS) Andrew Longworth debates@
*Design Team Convenor (non-voting) Ira Kashyap sadt@
*Ents Convenor (non-voting) Ryan Delaney ents@
Music Officer (MF) Juan Pablo Rodriguez MusicFund@
Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids) Molly Ketcheson MerPres@
*Principal Ambassador (non-voting) Chloe Fielding PrincAmb@
Secretary to the SAF Tavanya Seth ts253@
Societies Officer Laura Connies-Laing socs@
Volunteering Officer (SVS) Maja Lewis svs@

The Association Chair also sits on the SAF.

School Presidents

School Name Contact
Art History Haomin Li ArtHistoryPresident@
Biology Brynne Stewart BiologyPresident@
Chemistry Sean Nwachukwu ChemistryPresident@
Classics Chris Wilkinson ClassicsPresident@
Computer Science Rhona McCracken CompSciPresident@
Divinity Joel Butcher DivinityPresident@
Earth and Environmental Sciences Rhoda White EarthSciPresident@
Economics and Finance Sanjana Ramaswamy EconomicsPresident@
English Catherine Mullner EnglishPresident@
Film Studies Harry Ledgerwood FilmPresident@
Geography and Sustainable Development Delaney Murray GeoSDpresident@
History Reise Watson HistoryPresident@
International Relations Ross Barclay IRpresident@
Management Francesca Lavelle ManagementPresident@
Mathematics and Statistics Ewan Cameron Philip MathsPresident@
Medicine Anna Apara MedicinePresident@
Modern Languages Hunter James Garrison ModLangPresident@
Music Claire Shortt MusicPresident@
Philosophy Nathan Cuttica PhilosophyPresident@
Physics and Astronomy Thomas Rintoul PhysicsPresident@
Psychology and Neuroscience Brynn Walsh PsychPresident@
Social Anthropology Siobhan Ali SocAnthPresident@

Modern Language Convenors

Language Name Contact
Arabic/Persian Anya Ek ArabicPersianConv@
Comparative Literature Maddie Lee CompLitConvenor@
French Quinn Murphy FrenchConvenor@
German Helen Matthews GermanConvenor@
Italian Freya Harding ItalianConvenor@
Russian Charlotte Thomas RussianConvenor@
Spanish Mimi Taylor SpanishConvenor@