Russian Convenor

Maddie Aber.

Maddie Aber.

About the role

About the Language Convenor role

About me

My name is Charlotte, I'm a fourth year Single Honours Russian student originating from Australia (by way of Hertfordshire) and I'm your Russian Convenor for 2021-22 (RussianConvenor@)!

When I'm not brushing up on my prefixed verbs of motion or doing a bit of light Dostoevsky reading, you can find me shouting at first years on the lacrosse pitch and avoiding my coursework deadlines.

I ran for this position because I love our department and want to spread that love as much as possible (in a Covid-friendly way, obvs). While there is no doubt that Russian is a fantastic subject to study, I can't deny that it can be a little challenging at times. As a result, my first priority as Convenor is to be a friendly face and a source of information for all students of Russian. Furthermore, as we are slowly freed from the shackles of lockdown I’m hoping to organise a bunch of fantastic events to bring all Russian students together. In keeping with the important cultural traditions of Mother Russia, these events will mostly include vodka.

On a more professional but no less fun note, as Convenor I am keen to continue the fantastic work of my predecessor Elodie by hosting informative and relevant careers events with alumni and external speakers, as well as continuing her incredibly successful merchandise initiative. All in all, it’s looking like a good time to be a Russian student at St Andrews. ???!