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Fund Eligibility Purpose
Student Project Fund Any student or student group To support any project not covered by another fund
Societies Fund All affiliated societies To support affiliated societies in hosting events or purchasing equipment
Employability Fund All affiliated societies Careers- or employability-based events
Mermaids Performing Arts Fund Any student group Theatre, performing arts, or production
Anthony Tudor Fund Any student group (production must be affiliated with Mermaids or On the Rocks) Theatre, performing arts, or production
Education Levelling-Up Fund Faculty, Postgraduate, School Presidents and Class Reps Promoting academic representation
Rector's Fund Any student with a confirmed internship offer Creating positive change through internship projects
Postgraduate Events Fund Affiliated Society, or a Postgraduate Academic Representative To encourage the inclusion of Postgraduates within affiliated Societies
EDI Fund Staff and students can apply for funds to support projects and other activities that enhance equality and inclusivity within and beyond the institution The University is committed to ensuring equality, celebrating and enhancing diversity