Education Levelling-up Fund

The Education Levelling-up Fund (ELF) is provided by the Students' Association, and enables School Presidents and Class Reps to promote academic representation. Funds are awarded on a discretionary basis upon application.

The fund has previously supported conferences, careers events, student-staff football tournaments, and language conversation classes.

Any questions about the fund should be sent to the Director of Education via doed@.

Funding process

  1. Check the guidelines
  2. Apply
    • School, Faculty and Postgraduate Presidents can apply for funding online via the application form.
    • Make sure you log in with your personal St Andrews username, not your president account.
  3. Report
    • You must submit a short reflective report of the event/project within 7 days, through the reporting form.
  4. Reimburse
    • One funding has been approved, take any receipts or invoices along to the Cash Office, on the middle floor of the Union, to be reimbursed.