House style

  • The organisation is formally known as the Students' Association. Note the position of the apostrophe.
  • The organisation is informally referred to as the Union. This name technically refers to the building which houses the Students' Association. The two names are generally interchangeable, but Union should be avoided in formal documents.
  • The town is St Andrews, not St. Andrews.
  • Use a comma between elements (including before and and or) in a series of three or more items.
  • The Students' Association organises Freshers' Week, which forms part of the University's Orientation Week.
  • Ampersands (&) should be avoided except in official titles.
  • Academic years should be written with a slash and abbreviation: 2020/21.
  • Use convenor as opposed to convener.


  • Page URLs should include a hyphen between words, e.g.
  • Where an email address or external link includes multiple words, the first letter of each word should be capitalised, e.g. or
  • Links should open in a new tab, unless the link is to another page within the website.
  • Links should not show http://www.
  • Downloadable files should be in .pdf format. If a document is intended to be edited beyond a signature and date, e.g. an application form, it should instead be in .docx format.

Colour scheme

The Students' Association's branding focuses on a tricolour design: blue for events and spaces, yellow for representation, and pink for activities.

Areas Colour Hex code
Events, spaces Blue #00AEEF
Representation, Councils, SRC Yellow #E3B338
Activities, societies, SSC Pink #D91B5B
Admin, JC, other Grey #3D3937


The images below may be used on marketing material associated with the Students' Association.