The Students’ Association coordinates and supports a community of almost 400 academic representatives (SaintReps) across all Schools of the University, forming the largest group of democratically elected student reps St Andrews has to offer. 
Academic representatives are essential to enhancing educational experiences in St Andrews and act as key communicators, changemakers, and student leaders! Every year and module has at least one Class Representative advocating for student interests and collaborating with staff to act on student feedback. School Presidents, Language Convenors, Faculty Presidents, and the Director of Education dedicate their time to supporting the work of Class Reps. 

The Students' Association's network of academic representatives consists of: 

  • Our Director of Education (DoEd), who serves as the main point of contact for our whole system of academic representation.
  • The Arts and Divinity Faculty President and Science and Medicine Faculty President support the DoEd and School Presidents, sit on the Students' Representative Council and chair Education Committee.
  • The Postgraduate Taught and RePresidents oversees the postgraduate representative system and coordinates the PGT and PGR Forums. 
  • 29 School Presidents and Language Convenors chair Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings and Learning & Teaching Committee within their respective Schools, and provide support to their Class Reps.
  • The Education Committee, which consists of the School Presidents, Faculty Presidents, PG Academic Convenor, and DoEd who collectively manage issues of academic representation at St Andrews.
  • 350+ Class Reps, who are responsible for conveying feedback from students to staff, promoting events and resources, and generally enhancing educational experiences at the University. They represent modules from first year to postgraduate study, and sit on their school's SSCC. 
    • Want to find out how you can become a Class Rep? Visit this page!

The Academic Representation Coordinator ([email protected]) and the Academic Representation Intern also serve to support our system of academic representatives. 

Together, this network contributes to every level of decision-making related to learning and teaching within the University. 


Get Involved!
If you are interested in academic representation, you can run to be a Class Rep! UG Class Representatives, School Sustainability Representatives, and IEI Class Representatives are elected in Weeks 1 and 2 of the semester, while PG Class Representatives are elected during Weeks 4 and 5. Any matriculated student is eligible to run and you can find more information about this here. If you are interested in becoming a School President, you can stand for this role in March. 

All academic representatives can be nominated for the Proctor's Award, which recognises the commitment of students to improving learning and teaching at the University.