Class Representatives are elected student volunteers, tasked with enhancing learning and teaching at every level of undergraduate and postgraduate study. They work directly with teaching staff, providing feedback on the student learning experience within their school.

There are over 350 class reps: one for each degree title, at each year of study. To find yours, contact your School President.

Class Reps have the power to advocate on curriculum, assessment, progression, achievement, guidance, support, teaching, and learning resources. They are trained and led by the Director of Education (DoEd), and work closely with their School President to deliver change. Class Reps sit on their school's Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC).


Role descriptions

Become a Class Rep

Class Rep nominations will be advertised in week 1. Voting takes place in week 2 via the online elections portal.

Postgraduate Research (PGR) Class Rep elections differ, instead beginning in week 3, to accommodate the later starting date of PGR students. Voting takes place after nominations close in week 4.

Being a Class Rep allows you to develop valuable skills, such as negotiation, advocacy, public speaking, and time management. You are heavily involved with both staff and students in your School as a result, so if you are looking to get stuck in this is a great opportunity. Class Reps are eligible for the Proctor's Award and the Class Rep Awards, which recognise outstanding contributions made by students in developing learning and teaching, and the student learning experience.

Expansion Pack Positions

The Class Rep Expansion Positions are additional positions that Class Reps can take; however, some positions can be co-opted from the wider student body. They support your School President in the specific areas of their remit, to ensure that a wide number of events and opportunities are provided throughout the academic year.

Each position is supported by a specialised training session and key contacts, in both the Students’ Association and the University. Positions are filled at the first Class Rep Training session through co-option of the newly elected Class Reps. To find out which student is your expansion pack rep, email your School President.

The Careers Rep is charged with putting on relevant careers events and supporting the School President in improving employability services in your School. They are the student counterpart of the Careers Link. They also report on enterprising in your School’s curriculum.

The Library Rep is the link between your School and the Library. They work closely with Library management to improve Library facilities, online reading lists, access to learning resources (both physical and digital) as well as to promote awareness of the services on offer.

They have the additional responsibility this year of gauging student reaction to Covid-related contingencies put in place, and providing feedback to inform future developments. They represent your School at Student Library User Group (SLUG).

This Rep acts as secretary to the Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings, and supports the facilitation of Class Rep meetings by coordinating any administrative elements such as organising the meeting, inviting participants, and setting the agenda. They minute the meetings and formalise the document for wider circulation to students and staff where appropriate.

This Rep is responsible for putting on social gatherings in your School to foster community spirit and inter-year community. Previous student lead events have included balls, film screenings, student-staff lunches, or wine and cheese evenings. This year they will be involved in coordinating online events to include remote students in the School community.

This Rep is responsible for collecting feedback from students regarding where disability provision might be weak and helping students get in touch with relevant staff members. They are also tasked with promoting School-specific resources and are linked with the Schools’ Wellbeing Officer.

This role does not require taking on any specific issue that students face, but rather to advocate on behalf of the student and signpost to the relevant resource. They are able to raise any concerns or feedback at the University level through the Disabilities Forum, which exists to share best practice and promote crosstalk between student resources.

This is a new position specially created for the 2020/21 academic year. They will act as a central contact for remote students who want to raise feedback related to the unique nature of studying remotely. They will look out for remote students, ensuing that they are included in School events, and more generally focusing on collecting their feedback throughout the semester which can be fed straight to staff quickly for a rapid response. They will be able to raise feedback above the School level at the Online Forum, which is attended by the Proctor and Deans.

This position extends the normal Postgraduate Rep remit to include attending the PG Executive Forum, chaired by the PG Academic Convener and attended by the senior University management, to provide their School’s voice at the University level. They collect and collate feedback prior to the forum to ensure that the agenda is tailored to relevant student concerns in your School.