Class Representatives are elected student volunteers, tasked with enhancing learning and teaching at every level of undergraduate and postgraduate study. They work directly with teaching staff, providing feedback on the student learning experience within their school.

There are over 350 class reps: one for each degree title, at each year of study. To find yours, contact your School President.

Class Reps have the power to advocate on curriculum, assessment, progression, achievement, guidance, support, teaching, and learning resources. They are trained and led by the Director of Education (DoED), and work closely with their School President to deliver change. Class Reps sit on their school's Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC).

Role descriptions

The Alternative Pathways Convenor is a Class Rep responsible for representing those on non-traditional courses, such as general degrees, gateway programmes, evening degrees, distance degrees, and part-time degrees. They can be contacted via altpathways@.

Become a Class Rep

Class Rep nominations will be advertised in week 1. Voting takes place in week 2 via the online elections portal, with the exceptions of the School of Physics & Astronomy, and Postgraduate Reps in the School of Management, who run elections via paper ballot.

Being a Class Rep allows you to develop valuable skills, such as negotiation, advocacy, public speaking, and time management. Class Reps are also eligible for the Proctor's Award, and the Class Rep Awards, which recognise outstanding contributions made by students in developing learning & teaching, and the student learning experience.