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Today (Monday 22nd January 2024) we launch an ambitious and comprehensive Change Programme.

Mon 22 Jan 2024


What is the Change Programme?

The Change Programme is an initiative aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the Students’ Association. It is designed to guide the organisation through a period of transformation and adaptation in response to evolving student demographics, changing expectations, and global events like the pandemic. The programme will involve strategic changes, structural improvements, and operational enhancements to ensure that the Association remains resilient, efficient, and effective in fulfilling our mission.

What is the Change Committee?

The Change Committee is a subcommittee of, and created by, the Board of Trustees. Its primary purpose is to take decisive action in addressing the challenges that Students’ Association is currently facing, particularly in the areas of governance, financial stability, operational efficiency, and strategic planning. This committee has the authority to make decisions and implement changes swiftly.

Who is the Change Director?

Antony Blackshaw. As the Change Director Antony is playing a central role in the Change Programme. He is responsible for orchestrating the development of a comprehensive Review Report and the implementation of a Change Plan in collaboration with the Change Committee. Antony works closely with stakeholders within the Association, including elected Sabbatical Officers, senior management, and staff, to address the challenges and guide the organisation through its transformation. The role of the Change Director is temporary and is accountable to the Change Committee. Antony brings over thirty-five years of student organisation experience to the project, twenty-five of those in a Chief Executive, Interim Chief Executive and Change Director roles. Antony has completed thirteen Interim senior roles in UK students’ associations and unions; five of them in Scotland, seven in England and one in Northern Ireland. This experience means Antony brings an unparalleled understanding of issues affecting students’ organisations from a real-world perspective, enabling him to find solutions to issues where others struggle.

What is the Change Plan?

The Change Plan will be a comprehensive strategy that serves as the cornerstone of the Association’s transformation efforts. It will outline a structured and purposeful roadmap to address the challenges and opportunities identified within a fresh Business Health and Review Report. The plan will focus on: building a sustainable organisational and financial structures, as well as updating strategic and operational plans, which will guide the Students’ Association post the Change Programme.

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