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Students' Association Elections

The results are in...

What's happening when?

14 March

  1. Midnight: Voting opens!

15 March

  1. 6pm: Voting closes.
  2. Evening: Results announced.

About Elections

Each year, the Students' Association Elections are held in Semester Two. All currently matriculated students are eligible to stand for election, including postgraduates. If you have any questions, contact [email protected] or the current position holder.

The Students' Association Elections are overseen by the Elections Committee, consisting only of Students' Association and University Staff (no students); ultimate responsibility for the Elections lies with an external Returning Officer, who is appointed by the Association Board's Governance, Nominations, and Staffing Committee.

This year's candidates

There are around 60 elected positions within the Students' Association. These positions include the 6 full-time Sabbatical Officers, plus the members of the Student Representative Council (SRC), two Student Trustees, and all School Presidents and Language Convenors. Any matriculated student can stand for election and cast their vote when polls open.


Sabbs are students taking a year out from studying to work full-time at the Students' Association.

Association President

Leads the Association as the main spokesperson for students.

Barry Will

Power to the Students! A Radical Voice for YOUR Union

Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Juan more year of Pablo for experience and continuity.

Stella Maris

Stella for Sustainability in Every Sense of the Word

Athletic Union President

Represents and manages student sport.

Fiona Waddell

Passionate about OUR potential.

Pasha Moradzadeh-Tehrani

Transparent, Consistent & Accessible Sport for Everyone

Director of Education

Advocates for improvements to academics.

Cam Brown

#YesWeCam: Your priorities will be my priorities

Director of Events and Services

Designs and implements events for students by students.

Lucy Brook

Using the knowledge I have gained to bring the change that is needed

Director of Student Development and Activities

Supports co-curricular development opportunities for students.

Sam Gorman

Director of Wellbeing and Equality

Champions student health, diversity, and inclusion.

Anna Cameron Meikle

Compassion, Support and Security for Every Student

Caitlin Ridgway

Equality, Empathy, Advocacy.

Martin Murray

For dedication and delivery: vote Martin

Student Representative Council

SRC subcommittees and council members represent the whole student community.

Accommodation Officer

Liaises to improve private & uni accommodation options.

AK Schott

Alumni Officer

Connects alumni and students, enhancing professional development.

Guillermo Canales

Strengthening connections through engaging guest speakers

Arts and Divinity Faculty President

Directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

Hitanshi Badani

Learning Beyond Classrooms

Yasmin Coffey

Say Yes to Yasmin!

Association Chair

Convenes and administers internal Union Committees & Council.

Elijah Osvaldo Poetzinger

Committed to Swift, Effective, & Impartial Administration

Gokul Ramapriyan

Accountability, Discourse, and Relationships: A way forward for Students

Will Christopher

For community, transparency and participation on the SRC

BAME Officer

Speaks for BAME students and leads the BAME Network.

Manya Dutt

Representation Matters: Vote for inclusivity, your voice and opportunity.

Meagan Neves

Empower BAME voices, embrace diversity: Vote Meagan for BAME Officer

Taasia Thong

Making words into actions

Charities Officer

Runs the annual Charities Campaign.

Alice Kathryn Chapman

Community Relations Officer

Connects the local community and Students' Association.

Jack Mcnealy

Connecting students to St Andrews

Disability Officer

Represents disabled students' needs and experiences.

Benjamin Mathias Sonnet

Unite for a fairer future!

Sachin Manoj Mortley Shah

Breaking barriers, creating accessibility: Together we can!

Employability Officer

Enhances students' career outcomes.

Daniel Macdonald

Dan’s your man for Employability Officer!

Environment Officer

Coordinates environmental and sustainbility initiatives.

Eva Neill

Save the Environment, Join the rEVAlution

Gender Equality Officer

Ensures inclusivity for all genders.

Arlo Bitcon

Gender? I hardly know her!

International Students' Officer

Speaks on behalf of international students.

Finn Jackson Henning Anderson

Adventure must start with running away from home, eh?- My wife

Kasturi Karkare

For success, choose the best. Vote for your voice to be heard, vote for Kasturi.

Martyna Kemeklyte

Celebrating diversity and fostering intercultural understanding!

Sacha Owen

Students for a more international and equal campus

Samantha Fayhee

Internationally known, internationally loved

Tom Wilson

Local Support, Global Focus

LGBT+ Officer

President of Saints LGBT+, organising policy and creating community.

Jack Kennedy

Let’s Go Beyond Together

Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer

Supports non-traditional students' experiences.

Amanda Thompson

Making changes so that all students have a memorable university experience

Postgraduate Academic Convenor

Chairs the Postgraduate Representation System.

No nominations.

Postgraduate Activities Officer

Creates events and community for Postgraduates.

No nominations.

Postgraduate Development Officer

Enhances co-curricular opportunities for Postgraduates.

Klaudia Grat

(Re)developing the PG opportunities outside of academia

Science and Medicine Faculty President

Directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

Alden Chau

Choose A. Chau for President Now

Matthew Ko

Vote for Ko, because science is our mojo!

Secretary to the SRC

Maintains social media channels and assists with projects.

Nuttaricha Ngarmskullert

Feeling silly? Vote for Nutty!

Sameera Sethi

With you, for you

Societies Officer

Helps societies with affiliation, grants, and elections.

Alasdair Richmond

Actively Supporting Student Societies

Student Health Officer

Voices student health concerns to the Uni and Union.

Grace Greene

Give Yourself a Break!

Sana Aboobacker

Sana for SHO!!

Widening Access and Participation Officer

Promotes initiatives related to affordability and resources.

Anna Murray

Katie McAdam

Community is power

Other positions

Student Trustees

Two people who govern the Students' Association Board (the registered charity).

AK Schott

Alasdair Richmond

Opening doors for all students

Guillermo Canales

Representing your voice as a student trustee.

Manon Claire Williams

Accountability and advocacy for the future

Will Christopher

Keeping you in the loop

School Presidents

Leads Class Reps to create change and community in Schools.

Dawn Lui

Dawn for a new dawn in Art History

Serena Mundy

Increasing career opportunities and study spaces while personalising education.

Rebekah Bryson

Rebekah for Bio Pres!

Harry Burrows

We’ve got chemistry!

Michael Christopher Pagano


Calum Naughton

Cohesive CompSci Community? Choose Calum.

David Byrne

Helping Divinity Stay Divine!

Hannah Owens

Ava Z Hardin

Want it done? AVA’s the one!

Gemma Laker

Gemma for SEES President

Christopher Morrow

Count on Chris!

Syna Singh

Stick with Syna

River Stilwell

Run, River, Run!, for School of English President

Sairaa Bains

Vote for Sairaa - A Vote for Greater Access and Outreach!

Anastasia Jeffcoat

Communication, Sustainability and Community! Vote Anastasia for GSD President!

Sadie Hassman

Vote for Sadie for a commitment to collaboration and communication!

Samantha Sinclair

Vote Sustainable Sam - putting students and sustainability first!

Olivia Benbow

Olivia for History President - On to New Horizons

Campbell MacPherson

Empower your voice, strengthen your representation, vote for Campbell

Cassandra Mae Smillie

Study IR with a SMIL(li)E

Daria Gusa

Improving Careers, Content, and Community in the School of IR.

Mauricio Garcia Gojon

Unleash the Potential of St Andrews IR

Jack Crisera

Come Through for Crisera!

Lily-Mae Rolls

Advocating for a just, inclusive, sustainable future for all apart of the school

Ruchi Dadu

Encompassing every aspect, Empowering every student

Ifan Howells-Baines

The choice that counts!

Krish Chaudhary

Making the Math department count again!

Ritwik Rajaram Anand

Your Vote, Your President, Your Ritwik!

Conor Philip

Vote with honour, vote for Conor.

Lucy Hooker

Vote for me, to ensure your medical degree is worry free!

Pia Thapliyal

Keep eating that apple a day, to keep those crazy med students away

Shreya Apsani


Wilson Susanto Warkan

Once Warkan has Won, Nothing Can’t be Done!

The Elections Committee has sanctioned this candidate for plagiarising their manifesto and candidate statements.

Harry Brett-Butcher

Because without you, we’re nothing

Mariana Razina

Equality, Employability and Engagement for all

Anna Conti

Let’s build a proactive, inclusive and empowered PANDA community!

Holly Seo

I say ‘HO’, you say ‘LLY’, I will always be there for you

Chloe-Anna Hunt

Caring, Committed, Creative!

Hayley Stone

Vote Hayley Stone for a Rock Solid Future

Archie Miller

Let’s get rid of this myth - ‘There are no careers in anthropology’

Bella Yow

Bridging the gap between sub-honours and honours, and between students and staff

Phoebe Dobie

Love Wins

Language Convenors

Coordinates Class Reps in each Modern Language Department.

No nominations.

Kiera Martin

I look forward to watching Chinese Studies grow

Federica Consiglio

Vote Federica for Comparative Literature Convenor!

Tom Rippon

Listening, speaking, reading and writing (but not too many emails, I promise)

Harriet White

Rohin Buch

Votatemi per Italian Convener

No nominations.

Ellen Peden

Vote Ellen for Communication, Clarity and Coordination

Sarah Millar

No longer in (S)pain!