Cost of Living

In response to the Cost of Living crisis, we have put together this guide to explain some of the key things that are going on in the UK, and to share information and ideas about what is out there to help and support you at this time. The University's Cost of Living  webpage which has the latest information about University and Union provision.

You may already be aware of most of the information contained here, but we hope it will remind you of the supports available and the small things that you might be able to do to alleviate some pressures.

This crisis is ongoing and is likely to last for some time, and we want to be able to update this document with the latest information year on year, to support students, staff, and the local community.

Much of this guide is focused on students, and we want to acknowledge that attending university is expensive in an average year, and these current financial pressures make this worse. This guide is not intended to replace action from the UK and Scottish Governments, or the University and the Students’ Association. 

This guide has been created for the purpose of sharing information, support services, and latest advice. If you are struggling financially or you are anxious/worried, please reach out for support. For students, that could be from the Money Advice Team, Student Services, Chaplaincy, or any of the other support services we share here. For staff, this might be your line manager, Occupational Health, or HR. For others in the community, please make use of any of the general support services shared in this document. 

The   Mental Health Foundation  has put together a resource on Cost of Living and mental health, which you may find useful too.

Our Fife have put together a webpage  of resources and information on the Cost of Living, as well as a   Help with the Cost of Living Facebook page ,  which informs you of local initiatives in Fife to support you with the Cost of Living. Dundee City Council also have a webpage with resources to help with the cost of living, as do the Scottish Government.

If anyone would like to add to the guide, please reach out to [email protected].