In Scotland, you are entitled to   free NHS prescriptions   (when that prescription has been issued in Scotland). 

If you have a diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, live in Scotland, and have registered with a GP, you can sign up to access gluten-free foods on prescription. NHS Inform  has information on the scheme and how to register.

Gluten Free food on prescription 

If you have a confirmed diagnosis of  coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, you live in Scotland, and you have registered with a GP,  you can sign up to receive gluten-free food on prescription.   NHS Inform  has information on the scheme including how to register.

Help with NHS Costs

Certain NHS treatments are free for everyone, including emergency care and sexual health services. There are, however, some things you may need to pay for. 

If you are international student and you want to know more about what treatments you (and any family or children) may be able to receive free of charge, go to this   guide   or   website

Everyone in Scotland under the age of 26 received free NHS dental treatment. You don’t need to fill out any forms, this will happen automatically.

People in Scotland who ordinarily reside in the UK, or are refugees, asylum seekers, and some international students can receive free eye examinations.

You may also be eligible for assistance under the NHS Low Income Scheme whether you receive benefits or not, depending on your income. To apply, fill out an HC1 form, either online or by post. You can have a look and fill out the   postal form   and find out more about   support with NHS costs.

Healthcare for children

It is recommended that children under 16 years of age receive   eye tests   every year, and young people over 16 years have a test every two years. For children who need glasses/contact lenses, you can get an NHS optical voucher to help toward the cost of these. This applies to children under 16 years, and young people from 16-18 years who are in full time education. This should happen automatically at your opticians. 

The NHS has put together some resources on   caring for a child

Free period products

In Scotland, it is now a legal requirement that public places have free period products available. This includes universities and local councils. Period dignity is a human right. 

There are various locations on campus where you can access free period products including the Students’ Association 

Local councils in Scotland are now required by law to provide access to free period products. You can download the PickUpMyPeriod app on the   App Store   and   Google Play   to find out where you can access products in your local area. 

St Andrews & Fife

If you live in Fife, you can find out about products   in your area   and also   order products online for delivery.   The products for delivery are from Hey Girls, a plastic-free enterprise who have partnered with Fife Council.


If you live in Dundee, you can find out about products available   in your area   and check out the   online map   of where you can collect products in the community. You can also order products for delivery from   Hey Girls,   who have partnered with Dundee City Council.


If you live in Angus, you can find out about products available   in your area.   You can order products from   Hey Girls   for delivery. Find out about other   Hey Girls products   you can order for people in Angus. 

Sexual Health 

Free Condoms

On Campus

You can get hold of free condoms from the Students’ Association or if you live in Halls, from your Halls Committee. 

You can also get free condoms through the committee at Saints LGBT+, Sexpression, and selected sports clubs.

St Andrews & Fife

If you are a man who has sex with men and you live in Fife, you can order   free NHS condoms to your home

Dundee & Tayside

Depending on your age, you may be able to access   free condoms via the C-Card scheme   in Dundee and Tayside. 

You can also order   free condoms online   if you are under 26 years old.

Sexual Health Clinic 

There is   a sexual health clinic at NHS Tayside,   and if you are under 25 and live in Fife, there is a webpage with the latest information on how to access sexual health clinics in   Fife.