People to talk if you need immediate support in St Andrews.
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In St Andrews

  • Student Services
    • Enquire about an appointment, 01334 462020, theASC@
    • The Advice and Support Centre (ASC) at 79 North Street acts as the face of Student Services. You can ask them any question online or in person.
    • Student Services can help with any concern, worry, suggestion, or question. They're the best people to go to if you're not sure who to ask.
    • Student Services offers counselling.
    • Check out their advice hub.
  • Nightline
    • 01334 46 2266, nightline@, web chat
    • Nightline is a student-run, confidential, and anonymous listening and information service. Their aim is to provide a safe space for students to speak about anything on their mind in a non-directive, judgement-free environment.
    • Listening volunteers are available by phone/messenger/email every night that halls are open, except for Sundays and the summer holidays. Phone/email is open 8pm-7am every night, and messenger 8pm-12am.
  • Peer Support Network
    • PeerSupport@
    • One-to-one meetup service, open to any student looking for company and support.
    • Consists of student volunteers, who are trained in listening skills. They are available for a coffee and a chat, or to accompany students to events or society activities.
    • Meetups are typically once a week, but can be tailored to suit your circumstances.
    • Also holds training sessions to develop listening skills, and teach students how to signpost to other services. These are often offered to societies, but open workshops take place too.
  • Chaplaincy
    • 01334 (46)2866 or (46)2492, chaplaincy@
    • The Chaplaincy offers pastoral care for any student, regardless of faith or philosophy. This could be a sympathetic, confidential listening ear, support in emotional issues, a safe place to explore questions of faith or sexuality, someone to talk to during a crisis, or support when all else fails.