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For any complaint relating to the Union or its staff, contact Iain Cupples, our Human Resources Manager, [email protected].

Complaints procedure

The Students’ Association aims always to serve the interests of its members, in compliance with all relevant legal requirements and best practise. However, we recognise that aspects of our operations may occasionally fall short of expectations.

Anyone who wishes to raise a complaint to the Association may do so.

Complaints may relate to any aspect of our operations, such as:

  • Poor service, including advice
  • Issues relating to equal opportunities or discrimination, including harassment, bullying, or bias
  • Unacceptable conduct by staff or student officers
  • Breach of legal duties or code of practise

Formal complaints should be sent to our HR Manager, Iain Cupples (inc@). If the complaint involves the HR Manager, it may instead be sent to our Deputy General Manager (Operations), Chris Clarke (chris.clarke@).

Complaints should clearly state:

  • The extent and nature of the issue
  • The outcome you are seeking
  • Any actions taken to resolve the complaint so far, such as talking to the member of staff concerned or their supervisor.

Complaints should be made as soon as possible, as undue delay may make complaints harder to resolve.

Our actions

The HR Manager will respond within 5 working days to formally acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

If the HR Manager judges the complaint to be trivial or vexatious, they may respond to say so.

Where the issue relates to a student officer or Councils policy, the complaint will be passed on to the Association President, or the Director of Events and Services if the complaint involves the President.

Where the issue relates to a service department, the HR Manager will investigate further, normally by contacting the relevant head of department and any other staff involved in the complaint. Where appropriate, the complaint will be dealt with under our Grievance Policy or Staff Discipline Policy.

The HR Manager will give a full response to the complaint within 20 working days.


If you remain dissatisfied after the HR Manager's response, you may appeal to the Chair of Board, who will review the issue and respond within a further 20 working days.


The Association reserves the right to extend the timeline for response in the case of major complaints, particularly in relation to the final resolution of a complaint. We will notify the complainant in such cases. Extensions may also apply during University vacation periods.

'Working days' are defined as Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


You can give feedback by contacting union@, or using our feedback form.

Report an incident

See our Zero Tolerance Policy to report an incident of harassment or bullying. Alternatively, you can submit an anonymous report using the following form. The same form can be used to also report incidents that do not fall under the Zero Tolerance Policy.


The Marketing department works alongside the Students' Association President to manage and coordinate the Association's press and media relations. Press enquiries, including media assistance, filming permission, and requests for interview, should be directed to the Association President, president@.

There is strictly no filming or photography in the Association without prior permission.

Our partners, native and The Crowd Agency, work exclusively with us to manage our media sales, giving brands the opportunity to reach our students through our range of Students’ Union media and events. For more details check out out advertising page.

Please reach out to them with any questions you may have: [email protected]

Event ideas, venue bookings and customer safety

For anything related to events, including booking a venue in the Union, contact our Director of Events and Services, DoES@.

Contact [email protected] if you have a question related to customer safety.

See yourunion.net/spaces/book for more info about booking a space.

Report a building fault

If you notice something is broken in the building, please let us know by emailing union@ or using our feedback.