Part-Time Work

Many students undertake part-time work during their time at university, fitting it around their studies. 

One thing to remember is that if you are an international student, your visa states that you may only work up to 20hrs work in term time  (this includes paid and voluntary work, however, you can go up to full time hours in holidays).  If you exceed the 20hrs, this will breach your visa requirements. 

Your visa also places restrictions on the type of work you can do – you cannot be self-employed on a student visa. Please check the terms of your visa when looking for employment. If you are at all unsure, you can reach out to the International Advice Team at Student Services by emailing [email protected], or contacting [email protected] to make a general enquiry.

Where to find part-time work 

There are many places to look if you are seeking part-time work. Go to   Career Connect   which shares local part time work opportunities, as well as internships. The Students’ Association also employs over 100 casual staff, and regularly has   job vacancies   that are suitable for students.

You can also find work through a number of websites including   Indeed,   Totaljobs,   and   S1jobs.

Online tutoring tends to fit well around your studies and you are often given some flexibility in setting your rates. One site you could apply to tutor through is   MyTutor

How to apply for jobs 

The Careers website has plenty of resources to help you make the best job application. They have resources on building your   CV,   on   interview skills,   and   application forms. Check out the full archive of   resources.

If you’re applying for interviews, further study, or another exciting opportunity, you can make an appointment with the Careers Service who can look over applications and practice interview techniques with you. You can   book appointments   through Career Connect.

Employability Bursary

The University has set up the   Employability Bursary   to help students with costs associated with internships and work-related activity. These costs might include travel expenses, costs of professional clothing, and childcare costs incurred while on the internship/work experience. 

When you are looking for employment, please check your contracts thoroughly. Zero-hour contracts can be flexible and the right solution for many people, but they can also be an unreliable income source, so be mindful to make the best decision for you.