Please note that depending on your visa, you may not be eligible for certain benefits and Public Funds from the UK and Scottish Governments. You can find out more if you are   not a student   and if you are an   international student.

Support for Carers 

UK Government 

The Carer’s Allowance   is a payment of £76.75 per week to support people who care for an adult. Your eligibility for the payment depends on what benefits the person you care for receives, as well as your own income. You need to spend at least 35hrs per week caring for someone to be eligible.

You cannot get the Carer’s Allowance if you are a full-time student,   and you may be ineligible if you are a part-time student, as you can only claim this if you are studying for less than 21hrs a week. 

Scottish Government

If you receive the Carer’s Allowance, you may be eligible for   the Carer’s Allowance Supplement.   You will get 2 payments a year of £270.50 if you qualify. You do not have to apply for the Supplement, and you will receive notice of the payment from Social Security Scotland before you get the payment.

Student Finance for Student Carers 

You may be eligible for certain payments if you are a carer, depending on your home nation. Please note that restrictions apply based on your nationality and residency, as with general student finance payments.

Student Awards Agency Scotland

SAAS defines a student carer as anyone who regularly provides physical/emotional support to someone who needs their help (such as a relative, partner, or friend). In most cases, the adult you care for needs to live in the same home as you or close by so you can regularly give that care. The care you provide may be because of a longstanding physical or mental ailment, due to disability, or due to frailty. 

You do not need to receive the carer’s allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions to be treated as a carer by SAAS.

If the person you care for is financially dependent on you, the   Dependants’ Grant   may be able to support you, depending on your income, where your dependent lives, and the relationship between you. You cannot claim this grant for a child or another student who receives financial support. You do not have to pay the grant back, and comes on top of maintenance loans and other student finance. This funding is only available to full-time undergraduates. 

Student Finance England

The   Adult Dependants’ Grant   is available to full-time students who are financially responsible for another adult. The grant does not need to be repaid and comes on top of other student finance you receive. If you get the Postgraduate Loan, you are not eligible for the Dependants’ Grant. How much you get depends on income, other grants you are receiving, and your relationship to the person you are caring for. 

Student Finance Wales

The   Adult Dependants’ Grant   is available to undergraduate students (both full and part-time) who financially supports another adult. How much you receive depends on income and if you have a partner or not. Part time students will have their grant assessed on course intensity. You do not need to repay the grant. Postgraduate studnets are not eligible for this grant. 

Student Finance Northern Ireland

The   Adult Dependants’ Grant   is available only to full time undergraduates. This money does not need to be repaid and comes on top of other finance you receive. Eligibility depends on the relationship between you and your child, if they are receiving student finance, and what their income is. How much money you receive depends on individual circumstances including household income. 


If you are a young carer, the University may be able to assist you financially. The University can also provide   information for carers while at University.

Support in the wider community


In Fife there are a number of charities/organisations for carers.   Fife Health and Social Care Partnership   provides some information on support available to carers in Fife.   On Your Doorstep Fife   acts as a search engine to find help in Fife, and may also have some information on services that can support carers. 

Fife Young Carers   supports carers from 16-25 with a range of offerings including information, financial advice, and peer support. 

Fife Carers Centre   provides various supports to carers in Fife, including various support groups and meet ups. The Centre also provides support, knowledge building, and help with accessing short-term breaks from caring. 


Dundee Carers Centre   provides advice and education to unpaid carers and disabled people in Dundee. 

Carers of Dundee   (a network from Dundee Carers Centre) provides information on groups and events for carers across Dundee.  


Angus Carers Centre   provides advice, support, and connection for unpaid carers in the Angus area.