Postgraduate Academic Representation

Postgraduate Academic Representation at the Students Association is overseen by the Director of Education and the Postgraduate Academic Convenor. They work alongside a dedicated group of PGT and PGR Academic Reps to ensure that your views are heard at a university level. The Students' Association is committed to ensuring that all its students are supported through the academic representation system. We therefore endeavour to build a system that works for everyone. 

Who are my PG Academic Executives?

  • PGR President Callum Irvine - PhD English, pgrpresident@.
  • PGT President Cooper Scott; pgtpresident@.
  • PG Graduate Teaching Officer Aimee Bebbington - PhD Mathematics, pggraduateteaching@.
  • PG Distance & Part-Time Officer Rebecca Munro - MLitt Management, pgdistance@.
  • PG International Officer Juan Yang - MLitt Management, pginternational@.
  • PG BAME Officer (Arts) Khadija Ali - MLitt English, pgbame@.
  • PG BAME Officer (Science) Ancy Anna John - Astronomy PhD, pgbame@.


Who are my Class Reps?

The PGT and PGR Academic Reps were elected in Sepetember and October 202r, repspectivley. Please see the list of Elected and Co-Opted Reps for this year. (Contact the PGT or PGR President to get in touch with your Rep).

What is the PG Representation System?

The PGT and PGR President Roles were proposed and created during the 2020/21 academic year to fill a gap in mid-level representation for postgraduates. These roles perform a similar function to the Faculty Presidents in the undergraduate system. However, the distinction between PGT/PGR qualification levels was deemed to be more significant for PG students than the Arts/Sciences faculty split. 

The PGT and PGR President were created so that postgraduate academic representatives are supervised by PG leaders who are better able to support them. In the past, PG Academic Reps were supervised by undergraduate School Presidents who expressed that it was challenging to speak on behalf of postgraduate students and that they generally didn't know how best to help their PG Reps. PG Reps felt similarly disconnected from their School Presidents. Additionally, when surveyed, PG students reported that they felt less comfortable sharing feedback with undergraduate students than postgraduate students. For these reasons, it was determined that a new supervisory structure for PG Reps was essential. 

For more information about the resources the Students' Association has available for Postgraduates, please view the Postgraduate Book.

Click here to read the full Postgraduate Representation Report. 

Role Descriptions


PGT and PGR Presidents
  • Estimated 10-15 hours per week
  • Chair appropriate PGT/PGR Forum
  • Attend PG Academic Forum
  • Communicate and collaborate with the PG Officers
  • Collect feedback from relevant PG Reps and the wider PG student body
  • Carry issues/opportunities from the School level to the University level
  • Analyse and discuss issues with University staff > partner with staff to create changes > report results back to reps to be communicated with students
  • Report reguarly to the PG Academic Convenor (line manager)
Postgraduate Officers


  • Line managed by the PG Academic Convenor
  • Attend PG Academic Forum
  • Collect feedback from the relevant cohort and report issues at the appropriate level 
  • Participate in PG Reps training
  • Estimated c. 10 hours per week

Postgraduate Representatives' Handbook

View the 2021-2021 Postgraduate Representatives' Handbook.

How To Get Involved 

Elections for PGT President, PGR President, PG Officers and PG Reps will be held in October. Click here for more information.