Science and Medicine Faculty President

Calum directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

About the Role

Calum Naughton, as YOUR SciMed Faculty President, represents undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science & Medicine on academic matters at a University-wide level and to provide support for the Director of Education and School Presidents. They are one of the undergraduate representatives on the Academic Council and Executive Education Committee.

Specifically, the Science and Medicine Faculty President:

  • Serves as a full, voting member on the University’s Academic Senate
  • Serves on the Students’ Representative Council
  • Cochairs the Education Committee meetings and attends Undergraduate Academic Forum Meetings
  • Supports and oversees the Arts and Divinity School Presidents and related system of academic representatives
  • Serves on the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Performs other duties as necessary to support the Director of Education and Academic Representation System


Note on Eligibility: Only matriculated undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science & Medicine may hold this position.

Role holders take office July 1 and end their term on 30 June of each year. On average, the Science & Medicine Faculty President spends between 15 and 20 hours per week on their role.


Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2024 Calum Naughton  
2023 Matthew Ko  
2022/23 Martyna Kemekyte  
2021/22 Sarah Johnston



2020/21 Chloe Fielding


2019/20 Dennis Goodtzov


2018/19 Alisa Danilenko


2017/18 John Weaver




2015/16 Louise McCaul


2014/15 Kay Rae