Science and Medicine Faculty President

Martyna Kemeklyte directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

Martyna Kemeklyte directs School Presidents' efforts and serves on high level committees.

About my position

This year, I will be working with Lucia, the Arts and Divinity Faculty President, to represent students at various levels of the University. Our main jobs include supporting School Presidents, representing the student voice on both academic and non-academic matters, and working towards our own self-initiated projects.

We will support School Presidents and Modern Language Conveners, by helping them understand their role, improve their departments, and host some great events throughout the year.

We also sit on several committees, which aim to allow the student voice to be heard on academic matters:

  • Education Committee: The Director of Education, Faculty Presidents, Postgraduate Academic Convener, School Presidents and Language Conveners all meet to discuss academic issues. This enables us to offer support to School Presidents and Language Conveners, and also give our input on University-wide issues.
  • School Presidents' Forum: This is similar to Education Committee, but we are joined by the Deans and the Proctor.
  • Senatus Academicus: We act as the student voice during the meetings of the University‚Äôs highest academic body, Senatus Academicus.
  • Student Representative Council (SRC): We sit on the SRC, alongside other elected councillors. The SRC is the legally-recognised body for student representation, that addresses University-wide issues.
  • We are also members of the Race and Equality Working Group, the Library User Forum, the Employability Forum, and several others.

You can find minutes to these meetings on the EduCom page.

Please feel free to get in touch with me whenever at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you have - my job is to represent you!

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Sarah Johnston



2020/21 Chloe Fielding


2019/20 Dennis Goodtzov

2018/19 Alisa Danilenko

2017/18 John Weaver


2015/16 Louise McCaul

2014/15 Kay Rae