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Arts and Divinity Faculty President

Hi! I'm Joe Horsnell, your SRC Arts and Divinity Faculty President for 2020/21.

[email protected]

About my position

I’m a fourth year IR student, from Kent in the UK. This year, I’ll be working closely with Chloe (Faculty President for Science & Medicine) and Amy (Director of Education) on a range of academic and non-academic matters.

I will co-chair the Education Committee, attend School President's Forum, and represent you on the Senatus Academicus, the highest academic body at St Andrews.

My main areas of focus this year will be:

  • Ensuring as smooth a transition as possible to Dual Delivery for students both in St Andrews and across the world
  • Improving careers services at St Andrews
  • Supporting School Presidents to achieve their wide-ranging manifesto commitments and encouraging best practice across the faculty
  • Working on issues relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at St Andrews
  • Supporting the Director of Education in their goals this year

Alongside my role as Faculty President, I am also this year’s SRC Senior Officer. This means that I sit on the Executive Committee and the Students' Association Board as a trustee.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent students in the Faculty of Arts & Divinity. If you are interested in any of the areas mentioned above, do not hesitate to get in contact via [email protected].

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Lucia Guercio



2020/21 Joe Horsnell


2019/20 Sophia Rommel

2018/19 Gianluca Giammei

2017/18 Nicola Simonetti

2016/17 Sally Allmark

2015/16 Eleanor Mullin

2014/15 Charlotte Potter