Physics and Astronomy School President

Isabelle Terry.

About the role

About the School President role

About me

Hi! I'm Thomas and I'm a 4th year Astrophysics student from Scotland. My pronouns are he/him. I love space, sci-fi and Scottish Country Dancing. Having been a class rep and careers rep, I'm now the School President for Physics and Astronomy.

My role is to represent student views to the staff in the school which means I manage the class rep system as well as chair the Student Staff Consultative Committee. My main goals for this year are improving accessibility in the degree, giving a wide range of careers and social events, and building back that great PandA community that the pandemic put a bit of a damper on. If you've got any problems, concerns or suggestions, drop me an email, or if you see me around the physics building, feel free to give me a shout (even if you just fancy a chat)!