Chemistry School President

Kirsty Bentley.

Kirsty Bentley.

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Sean Nwachukwu and I am the Chemistry President for 2021/22. The compound in my logo is serotonin because I hope to bring nothing but happiness in my tenure! I am about to enter my 5th Year (ugh) of Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry degree and if you study Chemistry to I look forward to meeting, working and/or partying with you all next year!

I look forward to implementing my initiatives in multiple areas. For instance, this year I will be introducing the Sustainable Chemistry Forum, a focus group that seeks to make the school more sustainable and bring awareness to Green Chemistry stuff. I also hope to introduce student roles in the EDI Committee (BAME, LGBT+ and Widening Participation reps) as well as contributing to faculty diversity initiatives such as DiverSTEM. I plan to make the careers resources more accessible and help students better prepare for the life that comes after St Andrews, whatever it may be.

Most importantly I will also work tirelessly to help the staff refine teaching arrangements as we adjust back to in-person teaching and I will make the overall transition to normality as smooth as possible for all of the students.You can always get into contact with me through [email protected].

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