Association Chair

Alasdair in a robe in Sally's Quad

Alasdair Richmond convenes and administers internal Union Committees and Council.

About the Position

The Association Chair acts as the primary administrator of the Student Representatives’ Council (SRC) and Subcommittee Steering Group (SSG), organising and leading meetings. The Chair organises the call for agenda items, ensures minutes are taken, and ensures proper policies and procedures are being followed. The Chair also provides advise to all Officers and Sabbaticals on Association Law and Policy.

Specifically, the Association Chair:

  • Organises and chairs meetings of student councils: the SRC and the SSG.
  • Schedules dates of meetings and completes necessary room bookings.
  • Compiles agendas and papers to circulate in advance of each meeting.
  • Ensures minutes are taken and circulated after each meeting.
  • Helps officers to prepare motions.
  • Ensures all files are uploaded to the Councils page.
  • Line-manages the Secretary to the SRC.
  • Is familiar with Association policies, and update the Laws and Standing Orders.
  • Manages the Councils' FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts.
  • Acts as an impartial advisor to all officers and students.
  • Promotes accessibility and transparency of the Association.

Role holders take office in April and end their term in March the following year. On average, the Association Chair spends between 15 and 20 hours per week on their role.

About Me

I'm from Anstruther, Scotland! I am going into my fourth year studying Biology and Geography. I wanted to be your Association Chair as I have sat on councils for the past two years as your Community Relations Officer. This was a step up for me, and I wanted to improve the way councils work and increase engagement across the student body so more people can get involved! A fun fact about me is, I have been a summer camp counsellor in Wisconsin for the past three summers!

My position directly affects students, as I ensure Councils fulfils its role of representing students. I can help any student submit a motion to make the Association address, support, or oppose an issue. I make sure students are invited to Councils meetings, and that motions and minutes of all meetings are available online.

I hold office hours at 5pm Tuesdays for anyone to come and discuss anything to do with Councils!

My manifesto pledges

I would like to make Association Councils more transparent, to make sure that every student has the ability to access and learn what the Councils do, and how they can get involved. As well as this, I would like to continue to post summaries of meetings on the Councils social media, and this year to include the reports of councillors so students can see what specific groups are doing in the Union.

I would like to make Association Councils more engaging, to ensure that every student in St Andrews knows that they can take part in Councils, either by attending the meetings or submitting their own motions or working with councillors. I would like to do this by engaging with students on Facebook through events for meetings, and increasing advertisement across the student body.

I would like to try to encourage more debate during meetings, as this is an important part of ensuring we are making positive decisions. This will be done by reforming the timetable of meetings throughout the academic year, to make sure we are working in the most efficient way for councillors. This will mean having meetings less often, but would mean more productive meetings as we would have business to discuss.


Want my job?

This position is elected in March each year. It's a voluntary position taking 15-20 hours per week, from April to March. Any matriculated student is eligible to stand for election, unless graduating.

If you're considering this role, get in touch with me or my line manager (President) to ask any questions.

  • Knowledge of the governance structures of the Association
  • Knowledge of the Laws and Standing Orders of the Association
  • Interest in diplomacy, and appreciation of democratic procedure
  • Confident speaking in front of large groups, and chairing meetings
  • Able to articulate complex ideas
  • Enthusiastic about the administrative and legal side of the Association
  • Willingness to help others
  • Approachable
  • Organised, with good time management

Hours spent working on this role count towards a Volunteering Award, which is listed on your academic transcript.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Alasdair Richmond  
2020/21 Morgan Morris

J21-06: Motion to reform the Association Laws

2019/20 Jack Rogan  
2018/19 Sneha Nair  
2017/18 Ruaridh MacIver  
2016/17 Sigrid Jorgensen  
2015/16 Zara Evans  
2014/15 Joseph Tantillo  
2013/14 Max Balidi  
2012/13 Emmanuel Michelakakis  
2011/12 Amanda Litherland