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Gender Equality Officer

Hi! I'm Elise Lenzi, your SRC Gender Equality Officer for 2020/21.

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Member for Gender Equality

About my position

I am responsible for passing motions to create University policies, lobbying the University, and organizing events surrounding Gender Equality. I chair the Sex and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Working Group which works to make St Andrews a more inclusive, representative, and safe place for people of all genders. We organize speaker events, fundraisers, and update policies.

How my position affects you

I work with other councillors, Student Services, CEED, gender-based societies, and wellbeing groups to improve the student experience in areas of gender equality! For example, we are currently implementing mandatory Got Consent trainings, working with the University on creating a pronoun training for staff and students, and increasing support resources accessibility from Student Services.

About me

I'm from a town near Boston, Massachusetts and I'm a fourth year philosophy student. I have worked on Got Consent since my first year and I am extremely passionate about combating SGBV in our town, so I was eager to hold this position so I could have a bigger impact on our community. A fun (not so fun) fact about me is that I was double-quarantined during covid because I got the mumps. I am also mildly obsessed with my cats (you can follow them on instagram @melandbelle13).

Groups I lead

I chair the SGBV working group, and sit on the SRC.

Manifesto pledges

This will be implemented likely in the form of an anonymous Google submissions form so that people can feel comfortable to talk about issues that matter to them. If you have suggestions or want something to change, let me know here so I can work on it! It will be posted to the Member for Gender Equality Facebook page.

I will work with them to create a series of videos and infographics to explain the support resources that are available, and how to access them. There is a lot the uni can do for you, but sometimes its hard to know how to ask for the right help and advocate for yourself! I will make this process as straightforward as possible and advocate for you using my position.

A team of CAPOD staff as well as students from Saints LGBT have been working on this, and I will help pass motions to ensure that this training is formalized as a part of lecturer and tutor training. Asking for people's pronouns, respecting them, and understanding their importance is crucial for creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.

As well as holding open office hours and maintaining an online forum to hear people's concerns, I will also work with other councilors and subcommittees to make sure that underrepresented groups are not overlooked in any of our new policies. Fighting for gender equality necessarily includes fighting against racist, homophobic, ableist, and classist attitudes and policies that have been traditionally part of our society.

Many clubs, societies, and schools currently have good practices surrounding gender equality. While that is good, it is also dependent on the person in charge of such groups, and therefore subject to change with new leadership. I will pass motions that formalize these as policies that will stand beyond any one person's tenure.

I have worked hard all summer with the support of Student Services and the Proctor in order to make this a reality! I am so proud and happy to announce that the workshops will be mandatory during matriculation thanks to years of hard work from staff and students.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Caitlin Ridgway



2020/21 Elise Lenzi


2019/20 Leonor Capelier

2018/19 Isabella Smith

2017/18 Brianna Chu

2016/17 Catriona Crookes

2015/16 Alice Lecointe

2014/15 Annie Newman

2013/14 Ali West

2012/13 Elena Georgalla