Gender Equality Officer

Arlo ensures inclusivity for all genders.

About the Position

Arlo Bitcon, the Gender Equality Officer, ensures that all students have an open, safe, and accessible experience whilst at the University, regardless of gender, by advocating for change and raising awareness within the student body.

Specifically, the Gender Equality Officer:

  • Ensures that all differences in gender and identity are equally and adequately represented.
  • Organises events and liaise with relevant societies to promote gender equality.
  • Addresses any appropriate behaviour reported.
  • Supports the Got Consent Committee to raise awareness regarding consent and sexual harassment.
  • Chairs the Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Forum.
  • Sits on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and Equality subcommittee.
  • Works on various projects such as events, conferences, and workshops.
  • Is a point of contact for all gender-related issues.
  • Collaborates and liaises with relevant societies and student groups who share a common goal.
  • Creates a strong working relationship with the DoWell and Student Services
  • Advocates for policy and procedural changes through Councils.

Role Holders take office in April and serve until the following March. On average, the Gender Equality Officer spends between 10 and 15 hours a week on their role.

Any student is eligible to run for this role in the Association Elections, so long as they will be matriculated for the full term of office.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Rache Nevinova

Manifesto 22/23


2021/22 Caitlin Ridgway



2020/21 Elise Lenzi


2019/20 Leonor Capelier


2018/19 Isabella Smith


2017/18 Brianna Chu


2016/17 Catriona Crookes


2015/16 Alice Lecointe


2014/15 Annie Newman


2013/14 Ali West


2012/13 Elena Georgalla