Gender Equality Officer

Rache sitting in a colorful shirt showing a peace sign

Rache Nevinova ensures inclusivity for all genders.

About the  position

I'm responsible for passing motions creating Uni policies, lobbying for inclusivity, and organizing and promoting events concerning gender equality. I am a chair on the Sex and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Forum  which works to make St Andrews a safer, more inclusive environment for all gender identities. 

I work with Sabbs and other council members, Saints LGBT, Student Services and different  gender equality  societies to improve the experience of all gender identities at the University. For example, we  are currently looking into making campus a more supportive environment for trans and nonbinary individuals and taking steps towards a more inclusive curriculum.

About me

Hi! I'm  Rache  and I'm a fourth year psychology student from Czechia. I'm part of the genderqueer community and I work to ensure that all genders feel safe and supported in St Andrews. On the side, I'm best known for my extremely long-winded concussion and vast number of Spotify blends. Feel free to drop me a line  about   anything, either on my personal or officer email!

Groups I lead

Gender Equality Officer  chairs  the  SGBV  Forum, works on Gender Equality week  and  sits on the SRC.


Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Rache Nevinova

Manifesto 22/23


2021/22 Caitlin Ridgway



2020/21 Elise Lenzi


2019/20 Leonor Capelier


2018/19 Isabella Smith


2017/18 Brianna Chu


2016/17 Catriona Crookes


2015/16 Alice Lecointe


2014/15 Annie Newman


2013/14 Ali West


2012/13 Elena Georgalla