Medicine School President

Shreya Apsani.

Shreya Apsani.

About the role

About the School President role

About me

Hey everyone! I am Shreya Apsani (she/her), a rising third year student from Bangalore, India. As the president of the school, I represent all students within the school on various committees such as EduCom, the Teaching Committee, and the Student Staff Consultative Committee.

I hope to focus our energy in three main spheres:

  1. Fostering an honest and constructive atmosphere among students, student representatives and staff.
  2. More effectively investing in wellbeing initiatives targeted to the needs and wishes of the student body.
  3. Broadening and personalising student representation.

I would also like to continue the work of my predecessors and maintain the same ethos within the school of medicine whilst including the innovation I have outlined above. I strongly hope to facilitate our voice being listened to for us to take charge of our education within our school of medicine.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an concerns, questions or are just looking to pitch in ideas.