Community Relations Officer

Lillie connects the local community and Students' Association.

Lillie connects the local community and Students' Association.

About the Position

Lillie Shipman, as the Community Relations Officer, maintains and fosters better relations between the Students' Association and the wider community.

Specifically, the Community Relations Officer:

  • Promotes town-gown relations
  • Represents students within the local community
  • Organises projects which address key areas of concern shared by the students and wider town (Previous key areas of concern have included anti-social behaviour, cycle safety and waste management facilities)
  • Helps local causes reach the student population and vice versa
  • Keeps the students informed of developments within community relations
  • Serves on the Students’ Representative Council
  • Chairs the Community Relations Committee
  • Sits on the Community Council and a number of local and town-gown committees
  • Liaises with individuals and groups within the student population, university and community (including, but not limited to; Community Councillors, Fife Councillors, the University Discipline Officer, Friends of Craigtoun Park, the Association President, the Wellbeing Officer, Transition and the Bicycle Users Group)
  • Ensures student events, such as Raisin Weekend or May Dip, cause as little disruption to local residents as possible

Role holders take office in April and end their term the following March. On average, the Community Relations Officer spends between 8 and 15 hours per week on their role.

Previous Holders

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Jack McNealy  
2022/23 Mashaim Bukhari  
2021/22 Rosanna Johnston