Italian Convenor

Rachel Aird.

Rachel Aird.

About the role

About the Language Convenor role

About me

Ciao! I’m Freya and will be the Italian Convenor for the 2021/22 academic year. I am very enthusiastic about my chosen degree subjects, Italian and Spanish, and I will be an approachable point of contact for all students in the department.

My priorities are to improve student-staff rapport, set up a mentor scheme and provide more social and career opportunities. The Italian department should pride itself on the approachability of its staff however, I believe rapport could be improved with better opportunities for student feedback. I intend to publish an anonymous questionnaire so that students can comment on their learning at any time throughout the semester. Another goal I have would be to set up a student mentor scheme. I would like to create a policy where students of all levels can have access to more advanced students to discuss any language, literature or general questions.

On a social side, the Italian department lacks a sense of student community and I am eager to change this with events such as department dinners and aperitif nights (covid-dependent). I also intend to engage in careers and employability events with representatives from different employers. I would like to organise events with the Careers Centre that include more than just the teaching and translation / interpretation sectors. The University of St Andrews has a partnership agreement with three Italian universities; Padua, Turin and Verona. I hope to build better relationships with these universities by organising online Q&A and social events.