International Relations School President

Kashwi Aggarwal.

Kashwi Aggarwal.

About the role

About the School President role

About me

My name is Ross and I'm a fourth year studying International Relations and Management. I'm originally from Fife so I didn't move very far when I came to St Andrews!

During my time as IR President my three priorities will be the transition into first year, careers, and school events. I hope to open new lines of communication between freshers and the rest of the cohort - both anonymously and face-to-face - in order to help people settle into their first year studying an unfamiliar subject.

I'm also interested in new events like introductory briefings to international conferences, conflicts, and organisations, and hope to use surveys to influence what events the School puts on. The past year has been really difficult but there have been some positives too - I want to use developments like remote working to promote the dual delivery of events so that anyone can access them at any time.

Finally, I want to help students network with people in relevant careers such as NGOs, the public sector, and international institutions, and hope to put on events to make this happen. If there is anything you'd like to discuss - any ideas, concerns, or issues - please reach out to my email at irpresident@ and I'll try my best to help.

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