Director of Events and Services

Hi! I'm Tom Groves, your Director of Events and Services for 2020/21. I'm responsible for the Union's venues, commercial spaces, and entertainment schedule.


Tom Groves

DoES 2020/21


Events schedule

I work on the Union's events schedule, from Freshers' Week events in September to weekly events throughout the year. I book acts, organise logistics, and work on decorating and theming venues to make sure we can deliver the highest quality events possible.

Recurring events include Friday night karaoke in Sandy's Bar, pub quizzes with cash prizes, regular club nights, and much more to keep you entertained.


Another part of my role is managing bookings for Club 601 and our other spaces. If you’d like to hire a space, check Book a Space, email me at DoES@ if you have any questions.

Commercial services

My role involves working alongside the Operations Manager to plan strategy, and ensure we continue to provide what students want and can afford, including promotions on food and drink. This involves representing student perspectives on the Union's many cafes and bars, as well as the University Shop.


I help to oversee the Union's marketing strategy, running Your Union Events, @StAndrewsUnion, and keeping this website up to date.


As DoES, I line manage subcommittees that have their own spaces within the Union. These are:

  • Ents Crew, a team of volunteers who manage sound, lighting, projections, and decoration for most events within the Union. They are behind events like The Bop and Freshers' Week; they maintain equipment, train anyone who's interested, and manage our resident DJs. Any student interested in tech should get involved.
  • Design Team create graphics and illustrations for the Union and student groups. They create posters and logos for societies, run photobooths at events, and offer Photoshop workshops. Any student interested in design or photography should get involved.
  • STAR is the only radio station in St Andrews. It's also the biggest student radio in the UK by number of shows, with live shows from 9am to 2am every day during semester. They also run The Record, starTV, and Hearing Aid Magazine. Any student interested in hosting a weekly radio show, journalism, video/audio production, or design can get involved.
  • Mermaids is the Union's performing arts fund. Any student can propose a show; they work with Gilbert and Sullivan, A Cappella, Just So, Blind Mirth, Inklight, ComedySoc, and Dance Club.
  • Music Fund aims to promote the local music scene for the benefit of both students and locals. They run regular live music events, and can help other groups with any musical needs.
  • On the Rocks is the largest student-run arts festival in Scotland, taking place in April each year.

My manifesto pledges

Get in touch if you have any questions, and follow my progress via DoES 2020/21. You can read my full manifesto here.

The Union has lots of bare walls. We could easily make it look much better with art, which would have the added benefit of promoting student artists.

Update 9th January 2021: running Decorate the Union competition. Entries will be used to decorate society meeting rooms on the top floor.

The Union's website hasn't been updated since 2013. The layout makes it hard to find anything, and there are lots of empty pages and broken links.

Update 9th January 2021: I have remade most sections of the website, working with the DoSDA to improve the design and layout. /union is now /about, /voice is now /representation, /ents is now /events, and there is a new /spaces section.

Let students store things in the Union over summer, for a small cost. There's more than enough space over summer (e.g. society rooms, Beacon Bar, meeting pods).

Money earned would be directly spent on students, whether through events or general upgrades to the building.

Lots of people are unhappy with the Union's weekly Bop. We should gather feedback to improve it.

Update 9th January 2021: 1,265 people completed the survey in April 2020. You can see the results here.

The Union has a big grass area behind the main building, which never gets used. It would be a great space for events.

Update 9th January 2021: named the space as the FiEld. It's now on the room booking system, allowing societies to book it for events like they would any other Union space. Since September, it has been used by A Cappella Society for rehearsals, and by Charities Campaign for a tie-dye event. As of December 2020, the FiEld has a Public Entertainment Licence, allowing larger events to take place.

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