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LGBT+ Officer

Hi! I'm Georgina Beeby, your LGBT+ Officer for 2020/21.

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Saints LGBT+


About my position

As Association LGBT+ Officer, I am President of Saints LGBT+. Throughout the year we host over a hundred events, including annual ones such as Queerfest, Transfest, and Glitterball.

How my position affects you

Part of my subcommittee’s role is to work with the Students' Association and University to ensure that LGBT+ students’ needs are met. In addition to hosting community-building events, one current project we have is developing trans/pronoun training for all members of the University.

About me

I’m a fourth year film studies student from the East Midlands (the midlands exist!) I ran for Association LGBT+ Officer because I wanted to give back to the community that had helped me to be comfortable and understand my own identity. My fun fact is that I am still listed as a heterosexual on the university matriculation system from when I first came to St Andrews!

Groups I work with

I lead Saints LGBT+, and sit on the Wellbeing and Equal Opportunities subcommittees, SGBV, SRC, and SAF.

My manifesto pledges

For example, advertising in halls and increasing the contact between wellbeing officers in student halls and the committee to ensure a direct line of contact. This could be through exploring the idea of having LGBT+ reps in halls. There will also be better advertisement that our weekly committee meetings are open and serve as office hours.

Continuing the work with the use of pronouns being asked for in academic settings. For example, we will be working with staff and lecturers to achieve this goal.

Better advertisement for the mental health support that is available to LGBT+ students. This will be through working with Peer Support and Nightline to ensure greater communication and resources are being utilized. We will also try to work with student services to have more LGBT+ specific counselors. Additionally, we will work to create identity-specific Facebook groups where individuals can find a community of likeminded people and resources/support can be shared.

Working with lecturers and schools to greater advertise social events happening within the University. This will create a more informed community within St Andrews where people are more aware of the events that are available to them.

Making sure events and venues are always as accessible as possible. Ensuring there is equal levels of identity-specific meetups and collaboration events, meaning there will be various events for all members of the community to feel comfortable in. Working with the union/Beacon Bar to explore the option of having a designated LGBT+ night once a month.


Previous holders

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2020/21 Georgina Beeby

J21-07: Motion to update the Saints LGBT+ committee structure

2019/20 Parker Hansen  
2018/19 Zelda Tobias-Kotyk  
2017/18 Ryan Hay  
2016/17 Lewis Wood  
2015/16 Sigrid Jorgensen  
2014/15 Fallon Sheffield  
2013/14 David Norris