Secretary to the SRC

Lewis O'Neill maintains social media channels and assists with projects.

Lewis O'Neill maintains social media channels and assists with projects.

About my position

The Secretary to the SRC is elected by students in March each year. I am responsible for maintaining the Association Councils' social media pages, assisting other councillors with projects where they need extra help, and planning socials!

How my position affects you

My position is key for ensuring that students know about what kinds of motions the Association Councils are passing, what work we are doing or events are in the works, and generally how their student representatives are progressing so that students can hold them accountable.

About me

I'm a fourth year studying English and Spanish, and I'm originally from Memphis, TN. This is my first year on Councils, but previously I have been involved with student journalism, particularly as Editor-in-Chief of The Saint. I had experience with Councils through reporting on motions that were passed and the role of student Union representatives, and this year I was keen to finally join and make a difference! Along with Councils, I'm also serving as the Personal Safety Representative for the Wellbeing Committee, Socials Officer for Feminist Society, and South America Editor for The St Andrews Economist. A fun fact about me is that I also run an Instagram for the books I'm reading, @readingwithannie!

Groups I lead

I sit on the SRC. Follow Councils on Facebook or Twitter to see what we get up to.

Previous holders

The position title was SRC Member without Portfolio until 2021/22.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Capri Mancini


2020/21 Annie Smith



2019/20 Rowan Wishart

2018/19 Robyn Wells

2017/18 Olivia Budde

2016/17 Paige Onouye