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Environment Officer

Bhavya wearing a white, sleeveless top and smiling at the camera.

Hi! I'm Bhavya Palugudi, your SRC Environment Officer for 2020/21.

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Environment Subcommittee



About my position

As Environment Officer I head the Environment Subcommittee of the Students’ Association. Our aim is to represent student voices on sustainability and work together towards a more sustainable St Andrews. We have an event plan for the whole year and particularly look forward to our annual Green in Semester 1 this year.

We specifically focus on collaborating with the many student-led societies in St Andrews, the St Andrews community, and the University. My aim is to increase student engagement with sustainability initiatives, social justice cause and bridge the disconnect between us and the environment.

How my position affects you

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that we are facing right now. However, it is important to recognize that it affects all of us differently, with discriminated communities and groups facing the worst of it. Hence, it is important that we work towards achieving climate and environmental justice, where environmental issues are not just physical issues separated from the communities that are affected by them and various social and political issues.

I lead the Environment Subcommittee and together with the University Environment Team, Transition and various other environmental groups in St Andrews we encourage student and community led action to achieve a just and sustainable future.

About me

I am a 3rd year Sustainable Development student from Bangalore, India. I enjoy learning about teaching sustainability and engaging children in environmental issues.

Groups I lead

I lead the Environment Subcommittee. This group oversees various projects, including UnEarth magazine, the Environmental Hall and various volunteering and campaign projects through the year, including the Kenly Windfarm Campaign.

I advise the Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB), participate in Transition meetings and will chair the Bike User group meetings.

Follow the Environment Subcommittee on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Previous holders

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