Environment Officer

Hi! I'm Léa Weimann, your SRC Environment Officer for 2020/21.


Léa for Environment Officer 2020/21

Environment Subcommittee

About my position

As Environment Officer I head the Environment Subcommittee of the Students’ Association. Our aim is to represent student voices on sustainability and work together towards a more sustainable St Andrews. We have an event plan for the whole year and particularly look forward to our annual Green Week which will be in Week 8 of Semester 1 this year.

We specifically focus on collaborating with the many student-led societies in St Andrews, the St Andrews community, and the University. My aim is to increase the awareness and recognition of environmental initiatives and groups in St Andrews thus transforming the importance, reach, and impact of environmental initiatives and societies in St Andrews.

How my position affects you

Climate Change affects all of us and severely threatens our future on Earth. Thus, there is an undeniable need to work together and drive change to create a vision and a path towards a sustainable future on a habitable planet. The decisions that are being made about our future and sustainability now will impact the way the world looks "tomorrow".

We are in a time when we can still create change so what we do will impact every single student, present and to come. We work closely together with the University Environment Team and Transition to implement environmental changes in St Andrews.

In addition, the Sustainable Accommodation Rep of the Environment Subcommittee leads the Environmental Hall Reps that aim to improve sustainability in Student Accommodation. Furthermore, this year I am working together with the Environment Sustainability Board to set up the new Sustainability Strategy for the University and implement changes working towards the goal of net carbon.

About me

I am a 4th year student pursuing a joint degree in Sustainable Development and International Relations, and since my early childhood a passionate eco-activist. I was born in Germany but grew up and went to school in Cape Town, South Africa. This deeply shaped my passion for the environment and instilled me with a strong urge to stand up for climate justice.

I am very excited and grateful to be this year’s Environment Officer so that I can more effectively coordinate the vision for a sustainable St Andrews and work together with passionate individuals on environmental initiatives and projects. Fun facts about me: I love adventuring, star gazing, hiking, reading, writing, and exploring how to use creativity and art for environmental awareness. That is also why I recently publish a non-for-profit poetry book called DEAR EARTH with all profits going to environmental charities.

What most excites me about environmentalism are the people and the community. It’s the feeling of being part of something bigger and the hope to leave a positive legacy for the future.

Groups I lead

I lead the Environment Subcommittee. This group oversees various projects, including UnEarth magazine which is led by Noah Herfort, Sustainable Hall Reps which are led by Hannah Vanderstappen, and the Bike User Group which is co-chaired by Jorika Smolikova and Eleanor Clyburn.

I sit on JC, and advise the University's ESB. I also chair the Student & Community working group, thus connecting environmental initiatives and concerns from across the St Andrews community.

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Manifesto pledges

  • Increase the visibility of the Environment Subcommittee and environmental initiatives and groups in St Andrews
  • Lay out a focus and vision for the year
  • Hold events throughout the year
  • Help sustainability societies around St Andrews to set up larger events and have a more far-reaching effect
  • Create spaces for sustainability advising, awareness and collaboration
  • Work with student societies, initiatives, and events in St Andrews to include sustainability as a key concern
  • Establish a space for environmental groups and passionate individuals to collaborate
  • Work together under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals • Foster a stronger town-gown relationship on environmental matters
  • Set up a MS Teams group for the Eco-Connect Forum and host networking events for collaboration
  • Update the Union Sustainability Strategy to include ambitious and necessary plans for a more sustainable Students' Association
  • Work together and consult the ESB on the new Environmental Sustainability Strategy for the University
  • Work and collaborate with the Sustainable St Andrews community initiative on a town-wide sustainability strategy
  • Create spaces to discuss eco-anxiety and what it means to live in a changing world of crises with an uncertain future
  • Collaborate with the Well-being Committee to raise awareness on the importance of well-being and mental health
  • Build a support system for environmental activists in St Andrews
  • Establish a Subcommittee volunteer network for those who want to actively help with environmental campaigns, events, and initiatives of the Subcommittee and University • Work together with the Student Volunteering Service (SVS) to promote their environmental volunteering opportunities.
  • Support individuals and groups with important environmental campaigns and new initiatives in St Andrews

This year, the Environment Subcommittee is committed to placing a stronger emphasis on intersectional environmental issues, through starting a conversation series and speaking up for social and racial justice.

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