Environment Officer

Naomi coordinates environmental and sustainbility initiatives.

Naomi coordinates environmental and sustainbility initiatives.

About the Position

Naomi Smith, as the Environment Officer, encourages students to live more sustainably and promotes environmentally focused events around St Andrews.

Specifically, the Environment Officer:

  • Runs environmental campaigns and initiatives within the Students’ Association
  • Raises awareness of environmental, sustainability, and environmental justice initiatives in St Andrews
  • Helps train and support the Hall Environment Representatives
  • Serves on the Students’ Representative Council
  • Chairs the Environment Subcommittee
  • Serves as an active member of the Fairtrade, Transition, the Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB), ESB Student and Community Working Group, and Sustainability in the Curriculum working group (SitC)
  • Keeps in regular contact with Hall Environment Reps
  • Oversees the Environment Subcommittee and Unearth Magazine Social Media accounts, directing relevant officers from your committees.
  • Takes a lead role in organisation of the annual Green Week, collaborating with the Transition and Environment teams to host it.
  • Continues to develop and promote the Hall Champions League with Hall Environment Rep
  • Liaises with Estates, the Environment Team, Fairtrade Steering Group, Transition, CEED, Students’ Association staff, Association President, other elected officers, and with other subcommittees.

Role holders take office in April and end their term the following March. On average, the Environment Officer spends between 5 and 10 hours per week on their role.

Previous Holders

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Eva Neill  
2022/23 Marcelina Lekawaska  
2021/22 Bhavya Palugudi