Rector's Assessor

Leads the Rector's Committee.

About the Rector's Assessor

The Rector’s Assessor is a student appointed by the Rector of the University of St Andrews to serve as a student representative and lead the Rector’s Committee, a team of students dedicated to improving and reporting upon the diverse student experiences in St Andrews. The Assessor and the Committee work together to implement the Rector’s vision for change in St Andrews. The Assessor sits on University Court alongside the Rector and is a member of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

How My Position Affects You

My position as Rector’s Assessor is important due to the way in which the role links the student body, Students’ Association, University Court, Rector’s Committee, and the Rector. As a student representative, myself and the Committee answer first and foremost to the needs of students, and work to ensure all students are fairly consulted and considered in the University’s decision-making processes.

A core element of accurately representing the student body at the highest governing level of the University is regular and comprehensive consultation, as well as co-creation of initiatives with students.

We will be doing our best to advocate for higher levels of diversity, affordability, and accountability, as well as document our progress in implementing an intersectional approach to the variety of important issues that need to be addressed in St Andrews.

Groups the Rector’s Committee works with

The Rector, Rector’s Assessor, and Rector’s Committee work very closely with a variety of groups and initiatives. The Committee collaborates with Union subcommittees, societies, University staff, and individuals to address the various key issues that need to be resolved. The Committee also sets up issue-based working groups if they identify policy action gaps, or problems that have remained unaddressed. For example, our Committee set up a SGBV Working Group to better support survivors of sexual violence in St Andrews.