Principal Ambassador

Kate Matheson works on the Student Ambassadors scheme.

About my position

I work within the Admissions Department, along with seven Vice-Principals, to run the Student Ambassador Scheme. This involves working with around 400 Student Ambassadors to organise and run Visiting Days, Access and Widening Participation projects, and external events, such as school visits and Offer Holder events across the country. On top of this, we run visitor experience sessions, partake in photoshoots, and provide tours for visitors & VIPs.

How my position affects you

Any student that attended an event hosted by the University before starting at St Andrews will have had interaction with a Student Ambassador. I personally remember who I met at an external event that I attended, and they were a major factor in my decision to come to St Andrews. It is great to be able to represent the University, and support prospective students through their decision-making process. Students have the opportunity to apply to become an Ambassador twice a year (September and February). This is a great opportunity for you to improve your CV, and gain valuable and transferable skills. Please visit our website for more information, or email me at PrincAmb@

if you have any questions!

About me

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