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Association BAME Officer

Hi! I'm Ananya Jain, your BAME Officer for 2020/21.

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BAME Officer 2020/21

About my position

The BAME Officer is elected in March each year. As part of my position I am the co-president of the BAME Students’ Network, the newest Subcommittee of the Students’ Association (established August 2020). I liaise with the University and student body on the concerns, interests, and issues of BAME students, as well as broader race, ethnicity, diversity, and culture-related issues. I represent BAME Students on the SRC, and if necessary to the SAF, and work in collaboration with relevant members of staff and the University administration. This being the first year of this position in its current form, not all the events that will be carried out have been finalised; however, I will directly be coordinating the St Andrews Multicultural Week, which is to take place in semester 2. The BAME Students’ Network also has plans to run an Access Conference, along with events particularly directed at freshers and their integration into the St Andrews Community.

How my position affects you

The BAME student experience comes with significant challenges, and it can be quite daunting to come to St Andrews as an ethnic minority student. The other problem of being an ‘ethnic minority’ is often the essentialisation of your experience as ‘BAME’, or subsumed into a single minority identity with a single set of problems and concerns. This is where my role a representative becomes important, because along with acting as a voice for BAME Students, I also work towards ensuring that the demands of each individual identity within the broad umbrella of ‘BAME’, are heard and treated separately.

I am available to discuss any concerns put forward by BAME students, no matter how small or big. From addressing micro-aggressions, to major incidents of racism, as well as focusing on the broader aspects of the BAME student experience, such as integration into the St Andrews community, and networking within the BAME community. My role in that sense is highly fluid and encompassing, and with the support of the BAME Students’ Network committee, I overlook different aspects of the BAME student experience.

About me

I'm currently going into my third year and will be studying English and Art History. I am originally from New Delhi, India, and am heavily drawn towards looking into South Asian history and culture in a global context. My interests include writing, taking photos, and other forms of visual art. I also run my own blog,

Groups I work with

I lead the BAME Students' Network subcommittee. As an Association Officer, I also sit on both the SRC and SAF, as well as the Equal Opportunities subcommittee.

I work with many groups as the coordinator of St Andrews Multicultural Week, and admin the St Andrews for Racial Equality Facebook group.

Previous holders

Note that the position title was "Member for Ethnic Minorities" until 2014(?), and "Member for Racial Equality" until 2020/21.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Ananya Jain




2020/21 Ananya Jain


J20-11: Motion to create a BAME subcommittee

J20-17: Motion to change the role of Vice President of the BAME Network

J20-18: Motion to make the BAME Societies Coordinator an interviewed position

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