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SAF Music Officer

Hi! I'm Ally Addison, your Music Officer for 2020/21.

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St Andrews Music Fund

Ally Addison

About my position

As Music Officer, it is my role to organise music-related events like open-mic nights, gigs and songwriting workshops as well as to support student musicians through providing equipment, funding and publicity on social media. I also work with music-based societies and committees to put on events such as Battle of the Bands.

How my position affects you

My position has a huge influence over student life because it ensures that St Andrews has a vibrant and entertaining music scene. The main purpose of the Music Officer is to provide a platform for a diverse range of musicians to entertain and inspire. The Music Officer plays a part in creating a sense of place and identity by promoting all the great local bands. Working with the On the Rocks committee, last year's Music Officer helped to organise a festival which celebrated St Andrews' impressive creative output.

About me

I was born and grew up near Inverness, before heading down to St Andrews to read History and Russian. I am hugely passionate about music, and in my spare time I like to play guitar and write music. In my first year, I enjoyed performing and getting involved in the music scene so much that I decided to apply to become Music Officer. My favourite artists include Cat Stevens, R.E.M, Suede, and Pulp.

Groups I lead

As Music Officer, I lead the Music Fund subcommittee, formerly known as Music is Love.

My manifesto pledges

Since 2015, the Music Fund Committee has been in steady decline, with a limited budget and minimal influence over the music scene. So the main goal of this year's committee is to reinvent itself as an influential platform for musicians to launch themselves in St. Andrews, giving new life to the music scene.

We aim to not only provide a platform for musicians through regular gigs and open-mic nights, but also to actively encourage students to enhance their creative skills. This year, we plan to set up songwriting workshops to give people the tools to create new music and inspire others.

Over the past few years, Battle of the Bands style competitions have proven to be a popular way of energising the music scene. Offering a generous reward for the winner, we aim to bring together musicians and music groups of all different genres.

This year, the Music Fund Committee will appoint five Genre Officers to work with affiliated students and groups within a certain genre, e.g. rock, classical. This way, we hope to diversify the music scene and encourage students with different music tastes to get involved.

One of our main aims for this year is to provide financial support for musicians who need it most. Through our online application process, musicians can apply for funding for things like equipment and venue hire.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Juan Pablo Rodriguez



2020/21 Ally Addison (co-opted)

2019/20 (Vacant)

2018/19 Casper Sanderson

2017/18 Marcell Kovacs

2016/17 Alasdair Milne

2015/16 Ipek Ozsoy

2014/15 Anna Merryfield

2013/14 Anna Christina Merryfield

2012/13 Kirsty Strang

2011/12 Jules Findlay