Director of Wellbeing & Equality

Caitlin champions student health, diversity, and inclusion.

Caitlin champions student health, diversity, and inclusion.

About my role

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Caitlin Ridgway represent students on mental and physical wellbeing, equality, diversity, inclusion, and everything in between. She works on the University and Union’s approach to dealing with issues like mental health, harassment and discrimination, sexual violence, physical health, and safety. I support many of the Students’ Association’s volunteer officers and subcommittees focusing on equality and wellbeing.

You can find out more about my role below, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


The Student Mental Health Agreement

The Student Mental Health Agreement (SMHA) is a partnership project between the Students’ Association and the University, which is overseen by Think Positive, an NUS Scotland project.

Student Sex Worker Support

I’ve been working on creating a support resource for students who engage in sex work, and I’m delighted to say that the resource is now live on the Students’ Association website.

Semester One Sabbatical Reports

As we begin Semester Two, some of our Sabbatical Officers are keen to report on their achievements and progress during the first half of their terms.



The Director of Wellbeing works closely with our volunteer officers to advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion, working on initiatives like the Zero Tolerance Policy and BAME Action Plan. They chair the Association Equal Opportunities Committee, and line manage a number of subcommittees and officers focusing on equality and representation for different communities of students:

The Director of Wellbeing and Equality also works closely with the University on equality issues, representing students on University committees like Equally Safe;  Central EDI Committee;  Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Belief Group; Race Equality Charter self-assessment team; and the Interfaith Steering Group. They also work closely with the University on initiatives like Report and Support, the Emily Test Charter, and the Race Equality Charter.


The Director of Wellbeing and Equality works closely with the University on student welfare, health and wellbeing. They are the Students' Association's liason with Student Services and Nightline, and they also sit on the Community Council Health and Wellbeing Subcommittee. They also line manage some volunteer officers and subcommittees focusing on student welfare:

Mental Health

The Director of Wellbeing is the Students' Association's lead on the Student Mental Health Agreement - a collaboration between the University and the Students' Association looking at joint projects to support students' mental health and wellbeing.

The Director of Wellbeing also represents students on the University Mental Health Task Force, Mental Health Strategy, and Suicide Safer Strategy. They also chair the Schools' Wellbeing Advisory Group (SWAG).

Physical Health

The Director of Wellbeing works closely with the Student Health Hub to support access to health care, and supports projects like Saints Sport For All and Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Sexual Health

The Director of Wellbeing supports condom distribution across the University, free period products, and promoting sexual health resources and education alongside the Wellbeing Subcommittee.


The Director of Wellbeing works on safety, including night out safety schemes like Ask For Angela, Raisin and May Dip safety, drink spiking prevention, and promoting bystander intervention.

StAnd Together

Alongside Student Services, the Director of Wellbeing line manages the three strands of StAnd Together, a joint inititative between the Students' Association and the University that develops peer-led approaches to support and awareness on important student welfare issues.

  • Got Consent?: events, training, and workshops on consent, SGBV, and bystander intervention.
  • Got Consent?: events, workshops, and resources on alcohol and drug safety and inclusivity.
  • Got Support?: trained peer supporters meet students one-to-one for coffee, a chat, or to accompany them to events to help combat issues like social anxiety and loneliness.

Previous holders

Please note, that the role became a sabbatical position in 2017 when DoRep split into DoWell and DoEd

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Emma Craig  
2021/22 Anna-Ruth Cockerham





2020/21 Emma Walsh



2019/20 Flora Smith


2018/19 Nick Farrer


2017/18 Claire Shirey