Postgraduate Development Officer

Hi! I'm Jasmine Rodriguez, your SRC Postgraduate Development Officer for 2020/21.


About my position

As the Postgraduate (PG) Development Officer, I work very closely with other PG representatives and serve as the PG voice on the Wellbeing Subcommittee.

My role is fairly broad, allowing me to tackle specific projects (for instance, the Postgraduate Lecture Series) to benefit PG life here in St Andrews. I help to improve wellbeing, career skills/workshops, and create social events.

How my position affects you

Ultimately, my position exists to help improve the PG experience here in St Andrews in almost any way that I can. I plan on creating new and exciting opportunities for students to be able to get to know one another, share research and interests, and have the career skills necessary to be successful once they finish their Postgraduate degree here.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how you’d like to see this be done, please feel free to email me at PGdevo@!

About me

I’m originally from Texas in the United States, but I’ve truly enjoyed returning here to St Andrews to complete my MRES in Neuroscience. I graduated from St Andrews in 2019 with my undergraduate degree in Psychology, and then took a year out of education to complete an internship at Walt Disney World.

While I was here for my undergraduate degree, I was involved with many societies (Gilbert and Sullivan, Born to Dance, and Wellbeing Subcommittee) that allowed me to explore my social interests while at university.

I also got involved in research in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department, allowing me to see the importance of academic growth and school community from the perspective of a researcher here at St Andrews. I am so glad to be back and to continue working towards bettering student life here in St Andrews.

Groups I work with

I chair the Postgraduate Development Group. I sit on the SRC, and am part of the Postgraduate Society, Wellbeing, and Equal Opportunities committees.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Abd Alsattar Ardati

2020/21 Jasmine Rodriguez (co-opted)


2018/19 Courtney Aitken

2017/18 Mizuki Morisaki