Postgraduate Development Officer

Abd Alsattar Ardati creates new PG development opportunities.

Abd Alsattar Ardati creates new PG development opportunities.

About my position

As the Postgraduate (PG) Development Officer, I work very closely with other PG representatives for bringing development opportunities that help PG students gain vital 21st-century skills to empower them in their domain.

My role is fairly broad, allowing me to tackle specific projects (for instance, the Postgraduate Lecture Series) to benefit PG life here in St Andrews. I help to improve career skills/workshops and create new development opportunities.

How my position affects you

Ultimately, my position exists to help improve the PG experience here in St Andrews in almost any way that I can. I plan on creating new and exciting development opportunities for students to contribute to open knowledge equity.

For example, we have all benefited from Wikipedia in one way or another. However, despite its importance for knowledge transfer in the digital age, only 18.2% of English language Wikipedia biographies are about women. Creating opportunities for contributing to Wikipedia will improve Students' digital media literacy, writing, research, team collaboration and critical thinking skills while filling content gaps on Wikipedia's underrepresented subjects.

If you would like to join the efforts or have any ideas about how you'd like to see this be done, please feel free to email me at [email protected]!

About me

I am a third-year PhD student from Damascus, Syria. I am researching collaborative online writing in the School of Computer Science and am very passionate about filling knowledge gaps that I suffered from back in my home country.

As an international student coming to St Andrews from a considerably different academic background, I faced many challenges doing my MSc in Management and IT back in 17/18. These challenges have heightened my sympathy towards other students who experience similar challenges, and I made it one of my goals to help lift them up in the future through empowering development opportunities.

Groups I work with

I chair the Postgraduate Development Group. I sit on the SRC, and am part of the Postgraduate Society, Wellbeing, and Equal Opportunities committees.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Abd Alsattar Ardati



2020/21 Jasmine Rodriguez (co-opted)


2018/19 Courtney Aitken

2017/18 Mizuki Morisaki