Student Health Officer

Lola voices student health concerns to the Uni and Union.

Lola voices student health concerns to the Uni and Union.

About the Position

Lola Chirico, as the Student Health Officer Chairs the Wellbeing Subcommittee and works on projects and campaigns in the areas of sexual health, mental wellbeing, physical fitness, and personal safety.

Specifically, the Student Health Officer:

  • Chairs and runs the Wellbeing Subcommittee
  • Conducts recruitment and interviews to fill the roles on the Wellbeing Subcommittee (in spring)
  • Ensures Association policy considers the impact it will have on wellbeing, health, safety, and fitness
  • Assists Wellbeing Subcommittee members with their duties
  • Proposes projects to the Wellbeing Subcommittee and assist with implementation.
  • Sits on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC)
  • Promotes the Wellbeing Subcommittee to students
  • Works closely with the Director of Wellbeing and Equality on shared topics of concern and interest, including the Student Mental Health Agreement
  • Liaises with Student Services, NHS Fife, the Athletic Union, Police Scotland, and other SRC members where appropriate
  • Manages the Wellbeing Subcommittee email account

Role holders take office in April and end their term the following March. On average, the Student Health Officer spends between 10 and 15 hours per week on their role.

Previous Holders

Year Name Resources
2023/24 Grace Greene  
2022/23 Sana Aboobacker  
2021/22 Emma Craig