Student Health Officer

Hi! I'm Gabby Kyriakou, your SRCStudent Health Officer for 2020/21.


Gabby Kyriakou

Manifesto updates

About my position

I sit on the SRC and voice student health concerns, whether they’re raised by the Wellbeing Subcommittee or directly from other students. As I represent students on issues relating to wellbeing, my position has a wide remit encompassing all areas of health (mental, sexual and physical health and personal safety).

A big part of my role centres on the Wellbeing Subcommittee. I oversee and assist with the events, campaigns and themed weeks the Subcommittee are responsible for running. So much goes on so it’s hard to spotlight a few events, but we organise: de-stress events during exam time; events to meet new people; and weeks dedicated to amplifying wellbeing for all students (e.g. Wellbeing week, SHAG week and #TakeCare week).

How my position affects you

There’s no denying that student wellbeing is central to university life. My position opens up one avenue for students to voice their concerns and opinions surrounding student health support at University. Through Councils, communication with the DoWell and work within the Subcommittee, this feedback can be pushed through the right channels.

We’re here to improve your student experience and create a dynamic, supportive and inclusive community for everyone. Remember I’m here to represent you! If you’d like to work on an idea or discuss and submit a motion to Councils that relates to student health, then please get in touch (gk38@).

About me

I’m a fourth year studying Geography and I’m from London! I ran for my position as I’d always wanted to become more involved with the representational side of wellbeing. I personally know how challenging University can be and the value of having good support systems. I wanted a role where I could reflect on my own and others' experiences and use this to make meaningful changes that actually impact student life.

Groups I lead

I chair the Wellbeing Subcommittee, so it’s my job to make sure meetings run efficiently and to oversee the projects that each representative works on. Our meetings are open to all students, no matter what year or level of experience. If you’d like to come along to see what we do, you’d be very welcome! Email me (gk38@) for details about when and where we’ll be meeting.

Manifesto pledges

I want to work on improving Union-wide accessibility, focusing on the website and on societies. There are easy changes that would make a big difference to everyday student life. For example, I want to put the Union floor layout and other University building outlines on the website. I also hope to work with other Councillors and Sabbs to develop a badge/award system for societies committed to making their events accessible.

There is a lot of information and support available that students often miss or are unaware of. I want to work on ensuring this information is easily accessible. This will make it easier for students to quickly navigate support systems in times of need. I hope to do this by: publicising the Wellbeing Officers of all schools; explaining ‘Support Report’ better; continuing to publicise the different ways Peer Support can help students; and using the Wellbeing Subcommittee platforms to signpost support in a clear and concise way.

Through the efforts of the Wellbeing Subcommittee, I want to work on reaching even more students. This means continuing to branch out to students who might not usually interact with our events and campaigns. I hope to do this by collaborating with more societies and frequently publicising how Peer Supporters can go with students to events.

Previous holders

Note that the position title was Wellbeing Officer until 2017/18, and Member for Student Health until 2021/22.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Emma Craig



2020/21 Gabby Kyriakou



2019/20 Emma Rose Walsh



2016/17 Holly Johnston

2015/16 Miriam Chappell

2014/15 David Norris