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SAF Charities Officer

Hi! I'm Amy Feakes, your Charities Officer for 2020/21.

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Amy Feakes

About my position

The Charities Officer is elected by students in March each year. As Convenor of the Charities Campaign, my role is to make sure everything is running smoothly across the campaign. With a wider committee made up of over 75 members and 4 subcommittees there is always a lot going on. I sit in on subcommittee meetings to advise and support them whenever it is needed, and to motivate committee members.

How my position affects you

The University of St Andrews Charities Campaign is the official charitable subcommittee of the University of St Andrews Students’ Association. Therefore we work in all areas of student fundraising from the events we put on our selves, to our Race2 racers to supporting all the charitable societies which are part of the University. If anyone needs support for fundraising projects or running a charitable event me and my committee are here to help and my office hours are open for anyone who wishes to learn more.

About me

I am a third year Marine Biology student from South England; when I'm not in St Andrews you can normally find me in Greece, working on a sea turtle conservation project. I have always loved to be involved in charity projects and love organising events, so I joined the Charities Campaign as soon as I started at St Andrews and have loved it ever since. The campaign is filled with lovely welcoming people; there is always fun involved, and the work can be very rewarding.

Groups I work with

I chair the Charities Campaign, and sit in on meetings for our events team, RAG week, Race2, and CATWALK

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This year, the Charities Campaign is supporting:

My manifesto pledges

Put a large focus on the idea and act of fundraising within RAG week and other areas of the campaign – working harder with outreach and societies to get a large proportion of the student body involved in raising money for charity. Run a number of events with the focus of putting the student nominated charities in the spotlight to make a greater awareness of who we are supporting.

Individuals who want help with personal fundraising should be able access support from the campaign for help and advice. The campaign should use any available resources to increase fundraising capabilities: setting up new collaborations within the local community, more online ticket sales for events, work on being able to use card machines at events. Improving the charity nomination process, the current voting process is often daunting and lengthy due to the large number of charities which are nominated. I am proposing to set up a new system to refine the list of charities reaching the voting stage in order to make it more likely for students to vote. The introduction of the new system will be proposed to councils once the Charities campaign’s committee members have been able to voice their ideas/opinions.

Work to set up more collaborations with societies and union subcommittees to increase engagement and reach in the student community.To aid this there will be a re-structure of the events team with the purpose of having a group whose sole focus is on building collaborations with both charitable and non-charitable societies.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Amy Feakes


2020/21 Amy Feakes


J21-03: Motion to allow charities to be eligible for renomination

J20-19: Motion to restructure the charity nomination and voting process

J20-16: Motion to add a Fundraising Coordinator to the CC Executive Committee

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