Societies Officer

Alasdair helps societies with affiliation, grants, and elections.

About the Position

The Societies Officer convenes the Societies Committee and ensure societies business runs smoothly.

Specifically, the Societies Officer:

  • Convenes and chairs meetings of the SRC Societies Committee
  • Encourages the affiliation of new societies
  • Encourages grant applications from all societies
  • Confirms affiliated societies meet the requirements of their Affiliation Agreements
  • Serves on the SRC
  • Reviews policy surrounding the Associations’ relationship to societies
  • Compiles the Societies Directories and Societies Handbook in conjunction with the Director of Student Development and Activities.
  • Hosts a weekly drop-in office hour for society related queries
  • Liaises with all societies, the University, the Director of Student Development and Activities and other elected officers
  • Maintains communication with affiliated societies
  • Maintains working knowledge of society interactions with the Association
  • Attends SRC and Societies Committee meetings

Role holders take office in April and end their term the following March. On average, the Societies Officer spends between 10 and 15 hours per week on their role.

Previous Holders

Year Name Resources
2022/23 Laura Connies-Laing  
2021/22 Laura Connies-Laing