Accommodation Officer

Hi! I'm AK Schott, your SRC Accommodation Officer for 2020/21.


Accommodation St Andrews

About my position

The Accommodation Officer is elected by students in March each year. My position covers all things accommodation; if you are living in halls or in private then I can try to give advice on any issues! I work closely with letting agents and Senior Students from each hall to ensure accommodation is right for students. We provide lots of information about renting in Accommodation Week including the How to Rent Guide.

How my position affects you

I represent the views of students regarding accommodation including campaigning to make accommodation more affordable in St Andrews. Myself and the subcommittee try to provide advice if students are struggling to find accommodation or have an issue whilst in accommodation.

About me

I'm a fourth year student studying Mathematics and Computer Science from South London. I applied to be Accommodation Officer as I want to make a difference to St. Andrews students so that the pricing of accommodation is not a factor students have to think about when applying or requiring them to get a job in order to afford to live here. A fun fact is that I still live in ABH so feel to stop by if you want to chat!

Groups I lead

The Accommodation Subcommittee; follow us on Facebook for updates.

My manifesto pledges

I want to fight for a larger proportion of affordable accommodation in any new University halls. I also want to make current halls accommodation more affordable so that students aren't forced to commute or have their student experience diminished due to the cost of accommodation.

I will push against Fife Council to prevent a large fee increase of the HMO license being pushed onto the students of St. Andrews both in private and halls accommodation.

In a difficult year with Coronavirus I will ensure that the How to Rent Guide is clear and specific to this year. I will ensure students have all the information they need when searching in the private market for rental properties.


Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 AK Schott




2020/21 Sophie Bickerton


2019/20 Lucy Allatt (co-opted)


2018/19 Lucy Allatt


2017/18 Jonathan Davies




2015/16 Alexandre Ciric



Member for Private Accommodation: Verity Baynton

Member for University Accommodation: Alexandre Ciric



Accommodation Officer: Scott Brian Taylor

Member for Private Accommodation: Ruth Cunningham

Member for University Accommodation: Anna Kennedy-O'Brien



Accommodation Officer: Dougal Adamson

Member for Private Accommodation: Cassi Roberts

Member for University Accommodation: Mimi Taylor



Accommodation Officer: Tamara Stupalova

Member for Private Accommodation: Sebi Russell-Smith

Member for University Accommodation: Ella Hunt