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Accommodation Officer

Hi! I'm AK Schott, your SRC Accommodation Officer for 2021/22.

[email protected]

Accommodation St Andrews




About my position

As SRC Accommodation Officer I represent students on everything accommodation. I chair the Accommodation Subcommittee, a group of wonderful volunteers without whom I couldn't do most of the things I do. We publish the How to Rent guide (see below) with lots of advice and information on renting in and around St Andrews. We also run Accommodation Week in semester 1, where we give How to Rent talks, give advice, and hold lots of events around accommodation. I also support the halls senior students by chairing the Senior Student Forum and liaising between the Forum, and Union and the University. Additionally I attend the letting agents forum, which allows us to bring student concerns to local letting agents.

How my position affects you

Thousands of students each year consult our How to Rent Guide (below) to find out about local lettings agents, what to look for at a viewing, or to find out what rights they have in their properties. You can also attend our many How to Rent talks throughout the year, or ask for advice any time by emailing me at [email protected].

About me

I'm AK (they/them), a 5th year chemistry student here in St Andrews. I've been involved with the Union since my first year, with a range of issues from accommodation to the Charities Campaign. I enjoy crocheting, crafting and catching up on Netflix when uni work allows for it.

Groups I sit on

Accommodation Subcommittee, Senior Students Forum, Letting Agents Forum, Can Do, University Affordability Working Group and the Student Representative Council.

My manifesto pledges

  • Lobby Fife Council to increase the number of HMO licenses available to combat the scarcity of student housing
  • Expand access to the discretionary fund and accommodation bursary
  • Ensure halls prices increase only in line with inflation
  • Providing more halls spaces for more students
  • Increase visibility of Marks out of Tenancy so there are fair and balanced reviews on the platform
  • Get a detailed breakdown of halls prices on the application portal
  • Keep Leuchars and Dundee properties for students who are interested
  • Support hall committees
  • Create resources for those who want to live outside St Andrews
  • Work with letting agents to improve the letting process
  • Get clarification on fines in halls
  • Arrange cheap and efficient summer storage
  • Increase social media presence and make it easier to stay up-to-date
  • Improve How-to-Rent guide
  • Delay the halls application deadline
  • Create flatmate matching platforms and events
  • Streamline applications to private letting
  • Invite a Commuters’ representative to join the subcommittee to support commuting students and those who are considering becoming one
  • Make virtual viewings common practice
  • Ensure options for students who don’t identify with their legal names
  • Making renting easier to navigate for disabled students

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 AK Schott




2020/21 Sophie Bickerton


2019/20 Lucy Allatt (co-opted)


2018/19 Lucy Allatt


2017/18 Jonathan Davies


2016/17 Jennie Matthews


2015/16 Alexandre Ciric



Member for Private Accommodation: Verity Baynton

Member for University Accommodation: Alexandre Ciric



Accommodation Officer: Scott Brian Taylor

Member for Private Accommodation: Ruth Cunningham

Member for University Accommodation: Anna Kennedy-O'Brien



Accommodation Officer: Dougal Adamson

Member for Private Accommodation: Cassi Roberts

Member for University Accommodation: Mimi Taylor



Accommodation Officer: Tamara Stupalova

Member for Private Accommodation: Sebi Russell-Smith

Member for University Accommodation: Ella Hunt