Alumni Officer

Daria connects alumni and students, enhancing professional development.

Daria connects alumni and students, enhancing professional development.

About the Position

Daria Gusa, as the Alumni Officer maintains, and fosters better relations between the Students’ Association and its alumni. Students should gain a greater knowledge of how to use the expertise of alumni, and student access to alumni should be widened for any opportunities coming both ways.

Specifically, the Alumni Officer:

  • Oversees the execution of an annual Alumni Festival
  • Serves on the Students’ Representative Council
  • Chairs and recruits for the Association Alumni Committee
  • Develops a long-term approach for the Association with respect to alumni engagement
  • Liaises with the Association’s subcommittees and affiliated societies to help them build connections with their alumni
  • Liaises with the Development Office, Athletic Union, Association President, and other elected officers on alumni relations
  • Maintains Students’ Association LinkedIn account together with the Sabbatical Officers
  • Liaises with the Careers Office to advertise their Alumni Insyte talks and Alumni Insyte talks

Role holders take office in April and end their term the following March. On average, the Alumni Officer spends between 5 and 10 hours per week on their role.

Previous Holders

Year Name Resources
2023/24 Guillermo Canales  
2022/23 Aditya Goel  
2021/22 Jack Campbell