Music School President

James McNinch.

James McNinch.

The Music Centre President is appointed following a set of interviews conducted by the staff from the Music Centre. The role focuses both on music in academic modules and extra-curricular activities. The Centre often appoints Vice-Presidents (which focus on either Vocal or Instrumental studies), to assist the President.

About the role

About the School President role

About me

Hi, my name's Claire and I am the new Music Centre president for 2022-23! I am Irish and I am entering my third year of Evolutionary Biology, but I am absolutely in love with the music scene here in St Andrews. I have taken numerous wonderful music modules that the Music Centre provide, and I am a member of lots of the various orchestras and music groups playing my violin as much as I can!

I am very passionate about widening the universal scope of the Music Centre, for all students and musicians here, as well as evolving diversity and inclusivity both in academic and extra-curricular sectors. Additionally, I would like to work on advertising the academic modules in a way which highlights their unique transferable skills and their deeper understanding of music as a whole.

The brand-new Laidlaw Music Centre will be opening to everyone this year, with state-of-the-art technology and beautiful acoustics in its practice rooms and recital halls. I am so excited to work along side the staff this year in opening and advertising this wonderful building and all the fabulous services and opportunities it brings to students here at St Andrews! Please feel free to email me, message me on social media, stop me in the street if you have any questions or suggestions about student music-making in the Laidlaw Music Centre, and I hope to see you in there very soon!

As the Music Centre Presidency Team we particularly want to work on widening awareness of everything the Music Centre has to offer you as students. This is a particularly good time to be doing this given the recent opening of the amazing new Laidlaw Building. Part of this broadening of participation will involve a great online presence through social media platforms. Further we want to encouraging new students, who may never have played an instrument before, to take up an instrument or join a choir for the first time at university.

We are also planning the Music Centre’s first dedicated careers’ event. Music is not a subject you can study as a degree at St Andrews, but this is no obstacle to making it your career once you graduate.

We want Music to be an enhancing and enjoyable part of the student experience, be that as a hobby, part of your degree or helping to open your eyes to a career path after St Andrews. There has never been a better time to get involved in the Music Centre!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email (MusicPresident@), or stop us if we pass you around town. Do also head to the Music Centre website for more information on music modules, upcoming concerts, ensembles, facilities and more.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon and are excited for all that this year holds!