Earth and Environmental Sciences School President

Patricia Helpap.

About the role

About the School President role

About me

I am a fourth year Geology student from Northern Ireland on the MGeol programme. If asked to describe myself in three words geology would most definitely be one - over the past 3 years of studying, geology has become a passion I will devote my life to with energy and dedication.

In true Capricorn style, I am organised, hardworking, and highly motivated to any goal or task I undertake. These qualities along with a good "apatite" for problem-solving I believe equip me to be ideal for this role; I believe I can make a difference to improve your learning experience. I consider myself to be attentive and approachable; the ideal person to address any issues or concerns you may be having since I will be driven to take action to resolve them. University life has already given me a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences and in this fashion, I strive to get the most out of it for all of us!