The Director of Cuteness (DoCute) working hard at her desk.
Director of Cuteness

Isla supports the Sabbs and wider University community.


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About my role

Whilst her role is voluntary, we know she will chase her tail to the ends of the Earth to ensure that student voices are heard, particularly those advocating for belly rubs and training treats. As you can see from the photo above, Isla has already been hard at work responding to emails and getting her projects in motion. You can also see that Isla is committed to ensuring all tables across campus are safe to climb and nap on. 



Her manifesto promise is "Paws for Thought," where she plans to implement strategic locations for trees to pee on, ensuring an eco-friendly experience for all dogs on campus. Additionally, she is working towards making the campus cat-free by 2025, citing unprovoked attacks on her constituents and a hostile takeover by local cats. We are unsure of how successful this pledge might be in practice, but she remains focused on this as a matter of priority.


Isla's day-to-day activities include listening intently to students’ concerns while chewing on every one of Barry's shoes and anything left unguarded in the Sabb office. Whilst she is aware that the most significant polluters of the environment are fossil fuel companies, she has proposed extensive policies on sustainable chew toys - leading the battle against climate change by reducing her own carbon pawprint.


The Sabbatical officers have been tirelessly trained to give her a treat whenever a significant policy breakthrough occurs, keeping the morale high for the whole office.

Welcome to the Union, Isla.


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2023/24 Isla Will